8 Ingredients for a High Performing CMMS (#4 is a Game Changer)

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Dec 30, 2014 7:45:00 AM

Discussing one's CMMS is a sensitive subject for facility managers. We know this because we built one.

The impetus for us designing and developing a maintenance solution was the datum that facility managers don’t enjoy talking about their maintenance software. Many don’t even like using the one their facility employs.

Why the impediment? Well, it boils down to the cumbersomeness of the current technology available. Maintenance solutions lack intuitiveness. They lack usability. They lack flexibility. They lack simplicity.

Solve this problem and you’re actually helping facility managers overcome their most difficult obstacles:

  • Effectively managing work orders and preventive maintenance.

So we set out to build the most effective maintenance solution the industry has seen. In doing so, we uncovered what the vital components of an effective CMMS are so we could share them with new and veteran facility managers.

Our goal is to provide you with the clear outline of the must-have qualities to help you with your next or upcoming purchase of maintenance software.

Inner Workings of a CMMS You’ll Enjoy Using

We’re confident that after reading the following 8 traits you’ll never look at legacy maintenance systems with the same reverence. Take our word for it.

Here are the 8 makings of a truly effective, efficient and reliable CMMS:

  1. Paperless work orders
  2. Web-based forms for submitting work order requests
  3. Chain of command for work order approvals
  4. Preventive maintenance made easy
  5. Simple checklists for efficient execution
  6. Inventory tracking for stress-free facility management
  7. Simple, yet comprehensive reporting and analysis in a single click
  8. Notifications for vendor insurance and warranty expiration

Paperless work orders

We’re proponents of removing the industry’s dependence on handwritten work orders. Removing this from your day-to-day is an important move for your operation to be successful.

Eliminating work order reports with illegible handwritten notes piling up on your desk to enter into your maintenance software can help you make huge strides. Introduce this into your maintenance initiatives and watch your team’s performance skyrocket as you all create, track, edit, and automatically communicate work orders.

Web-based forms for submitting work order requests

Eliminate the “waiting game” from your operation. Provide your engineers, technicians and frontline employees with web-based forms to quickly request work to be done. Create this web form for your maintenance operation.

Staff can then simply submit work orders for approval directly into the software. Yes, you want effective, but efficient is another must-have trait of a proficient system.

Chain of command for work order approvals

Endless work order approvals causing you added stress? Slowing up the process? An extraordinary quality of an easy-to-use CMMS system gives you and your supervisors the ability seamlessly approve work orders.  

Once a work order request enters the system, it is automatically enrolled into your facility’s chain of command for an efficient line of approval. The type of work order determines who approves and for what amount.

With this benefit, two aspects of your day are enhanced:

  1. You spend less time worrying about planning work you need to get done.
  2. You get work done!

Preventive maintenance made easy

The majority of your maintenance software can surpass all other systems in the industry in regards to functionality, but as a facility manager you know that if your preventive maintenance is operating at a deficit…it’s time to begin researching new ones.

Create your maintenance activities and tasks with ease. Implement a system that allows you to track and monitor a calendar full of scheduled maintenance. Our maintenance software allows you to efficiently drag and drop activities or tasks as needed.

(Click here to schedule a demo of our maintenance software so you can see remarkable preventive maintenance system in action.)

Simple checklists for efficient execution

Produce digital checklists and deliver them to your engineers and technicians with the confidence that work will be completed the way you require it to be. Take control of your operation.

Using digital checklists ensures the consistency of all maintenance activities occur at your facility. Consistency eliminates the questions that arise in stressful and ambiguous environments and removes the barrier to getting the work done correctly. For example: How do I perform this hair handler inspection? Is this required for us to pass our compliance inspection? Did we cover all bases during our inspection of the life safety equipment?

Inventory tracking for stress-free facility management

“Do I have enough materials and equipment available?” can finally recede from your thoughts.

With the right system in place, you’ll be able to schedule important notifications for managing your assets and inventory levels. Immediately know when your HVAC filters are low.

Properly managing your inventory levels will help you forecast your business needs while giving you the peace of mind to know you have the resources you need, when you need them.

Simple, yet comprehensive reporting and analysis in a single click

If you read our articles often, you’re more than aware that “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” As much as we enjoy reiterating this statement, we’d prefer you to both measure and manage your maintenance operation.

We want to remove any facility management stress from your daily operation altogether. Have the valuable information useful to you, when you need it – to achieve peace of mind.

(Not sure which maintenance reports are most important? Check out our blog on the 9 most effective maintenance reports to solve your facility management puzzle.)

Notifications for vendor insurance and warranty expiration

This isn’t complicated information, but it’s crucial. If your warranties are up, you need to know. If your vendor insurance is expired, that could spell trouble for your facility.

Any solution you use must allow you to set alerts and notifications letting you know when warranties and vendor insurance expire. It’ll remove any remaining headaches so you focus on what matters:

  • Successfully managing work orders, preventive maintenance, meeting compliance standards, and maintaining all life safety equipment.

Over to You

You work diligently. So do your due diligence. Make smarter management decisions in order to increase your operational efficiency. Give your employees a stress-free work environment.

Move your maintenance department to a profit center and reduce the stress of your employees using our 8 requirements of a high performing maintenance system to guide you.

You’ll give yourself the peace of mind you strive so hard to achieve.

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