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4 Benefits of Task Management Software for Proactive Operations

by 24/7 Software / April 26, 2016

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It is a Saturday. You are getting ready for your early afternoon game.

It is business as usual, except today you are psyched because it is your youngest child’s 6th birthday. You have been working on their party for weeks.

Your plan is to hit the ground running, get your tasks done, execute, and to be home before the first guest arrives at 4 p.m.

You made yourself a nice handwritten list of what your team needs to accomplish. You spent the time making sure that everything is written down so that you could avoid forgetting something and being late for the birthday party.

That sounds like a great Saturday to us.

You get all your stuff done, and your six-year-old will be excited that you are home in time for his party.

As you are walking back to your office following a quick meeting with your security team, the unthinkable happens.

You reach into your pocket and find nothing.

While you were making your rounds, the paper checklist you created slipped out of your pocket.

You are horrified!

You cannot recall where it could have fallen out. You also know that you cannot leave until those vital tasks are set in motion and completed.

Of course, you know what to do but there are a few things unique to today’s event that you thought should be handled a little differently. You want to make sure to remind Jim (or Joe?) not to forget that issue you had a couple of games ago.

However, now you cannot remember the specifics.

Your team is relying on you. Your child is counting on you.

Do you feel that you failed them?

What went from a peaceful day to a stressful one has you scrambling to locate or remember all 27 items that were on your list.

This is not proactive operations. Let’s change it.

Eliminate this stress from your daily operation – and your life.

Finally, manage all critical operational tasks using task management software. Then, you never have to miss or be late to another one of your children’s birthdays.

Proactive Operations Efficiently Manage Operational Tasks

You have many tasks to get done. Probably a million.

Executing those tasks is nonnegotiable.

That is the only way your property runs smoothly. It is also the only way you look professional to your guests and boss.

What does your team need to get done on a daily basis or during events?

Think about your current process for handling tasks. What is it?

We know that if it is anything similar to the story above, you are in a bit of trouble.

  • Do you manage tasks in a spreadsheet?
  • Do you expect newly trained staff to remember how to execute specific tasks?
  • Is your team getting tasks done?
  • What happens to the items on the to-do list that don’t get done?

Your team is always on. They are disciplined and always have the guest experience in mind.

However, you have many moving parts. Things are always changing.

To prove our point. Let’s say that you’ve hired new staff.

Now, you have to train them.

However, you are so short-staffed that they are expected to be on the clock for tomorrow’s event. How stressed are you now?

We are all human. Studies show that they will not remember much more than an ounce of their training.

Especially since you are forcing them into a live environment.

You could give them a reference guide or handwritten notes.

Who knows if they’ll use them, though, right? They might even forget to bring them to work tomorrow, or misplace their list.

Following this method only leads you to another dreadful situation similar to missing your child’s birthday party.

You do not have time for this.

The good news is, task management software alleviates the anxiety of getting your operational tasks scheduled, executed, completed, and on time.

You, your team, and this solution make for a rock star combination.

Task management software improves your ability to get stuff done. You can throw out your paper checklists.

Replace them with a web-based solution that reduces the time it takes to execute:

  1. Schedule tasks in a few clicks.
  2. Send automatic reminders to your team.
  3. Your team completes their tasks on time, professionally, and you can monitor it all within your solution.

Proactive operations efficiently manage operational tasks because they rely on task management solutions.

Ask yourself, why would you not want to have proactive operations in place? Now ask yourself, why do you not already employ proactive operations?

4 Benefits of Task Management Software Your Operation Needs

Whether you are convinced of the power of these solutions are not, here are the four top advantages of these systems.

  1. Centralized Task Management
  2. Managed Daily & Event Tasks
  3. Tasks Executed Based on Specific Criteria
  4. Scheduled Reminders for Timely Execution

These solutions are a no-brainer. They are simple to use and put in place, yet, we rarely see operations implement them.

Why? Our guess, you do not want to employ proactive operations.

Prove us wrong. Start using a task management solution to elicit value.

Centralized Task Management

Track and communicate operational functions separately from incidents and customer requests. Separating these functions lets you have a strict focus on each.

High priority incidents do not slip through the cracks, your customers receive the first-class service they deserve, and essential operational needs receive proper attention.

Centralizing operational tasks allows your team to ensure promptly performance and professionalism.

Managed Daily & Event Tasks

Create tasks for daily property operations or specific events occurring at your property.

Just create and schedule the tasks and watch them get completed effortlessly. You will not need that paper checklist keeping you from your child’s birthday ever again.

Whether it is your daily operation or a scheduled event, have control of what needs to get accomplished.

Tasks Executed Based on Specific Criteria

With your solution, you can create tasks based on:

  • Time
  • Event Marker
  • Previous Task


Every morning your security team is automatically sent a task to open the parking gates at 6:45 a.m. for the early risers. You might like to sleep, but at least you can rest easy knowing your rock stars are not locked out.

Event marker

If you are a property that relies on beverage revenue, send out a reminder to consolidate your alcohol kiosks to specific locations after the 2nd period. This allows you to control alcohol consumption in hotspots while ensuring you reach your revenue goals in low-risk locations.

Previous Task

You need to check specific areas and hotspots during events. However, you cannot remember everything. You are too busy. You have a birthday to catch!

Set a task to check hotspot section 423 30 minutes after your previous location inspection of your suite level. The countdown only starts based on your completion of the last task.

Scheduled Reminders for Timely Execution

Send task reminders to your team via text, email and proprietary mobile apps. Now, your communication ability depends on the flexibility of your solution. Not every solution offers mobile applications.

Reminders provide your team with a record of their tasks. Reminders are valuable because they help to ensure nothing ever gets missed.

As you already know, you cannot afford for tasks to get missed.

Over to You

You have your task management software fully operational. Your Saturday afternoon turns out to be as good as you imagined it. Your operational tasks are scheduled, and ready to help your team maximize their performance.

Go home, enjoy your children, and have peace of mind knowing things are getting done.

Ready for Proactive Operations?

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