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You Need a CMMS to Identify & Fix Equipment Defects

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May 18, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Maintenance software can help identify and fix equipment defects.

You can do it – even before the manufacturer finds out.

Don’t believe us?

Ask your colleagues.

Industry experts like yourself tell us how they leverage CMMS software inclusive of preventive maintenance to do just that.

You can efficiently manage and track equipment.

You can keep a good schedule and focus on your facility.

That results in identifying a defect before the equipment’s manufacturer.

It also leads to fixing the flaw much sooner and before it cripples your facility’s operation.

We’re talking about a real reduction in downtime and substantial money savings.

Automation of your maintenance activities becomes easy with your CMMS up and running too.

Scheduled events allow you to focus on running a smooth operation while keeping your equipment up to date.

Preventive maintenance (PM) measures let you quickly identify faulty equipment, reduce downtime, and cut costs.

Keep reading; we’re going to dive into all of this in the following sections.


Forecasting is a practice that might often be overlooked by busy facility managers – especially when you feel like you are guessing.

Do you agree?

You stress over equipment failures every day.

You’re firing problematic employees.

It makes sense to us.

Who has time for maximizing efficiency when your whole process is broken?

No one.

All you are doing is cleaning up messes, putting out fires, and fixing broken equipment.

  • Are you still waiting for the next piece of equipment to break?
  • Are you tired of using additional resources when these problems are identifiable beforehand?

Proactive Operations does not end at the front of the house. Your facility operation must be proactive too.

Let us move your cost center to a profit center and catch any defects way before they halt your operation.

Then, let’s fix them before it leads to excessive downtime and greater problems for your team.

That way, you eliminate downtime, money wasted, and major headaches.

Let’s get to it.

Check out the following eight ways you can identify equipment defects, reduce downtime, and maximize your facility operation.

  1. Outline and prioritize. Focus on eliminating operational waste.
  2. Define vital activities and tasks.
  3. Develop digital checklists with concrete steps for executing everything.
  4. Give your team the necessary equipment and materials to perform and complete the work assigned to them. Give them what they need to be proactive.
  5. Schedule equipment inspections. It will keep things from being overlooked.
  6. Verify completed work and keep moving.
  7. Inspect equipment for the possibility of additional maintenance to be conducted. It’s how you identify defects and prevent equipment failure.
  8. Document the details within your solution for ongoing analysis to determine if an error is more serious than expected. A fix might not be enough.

Use preventive maintenance to get the best results, steering clear from the dreaded woes of being a cost center.

Reduce inefficiency to ensure more uptime at your facility.

Always sending staff to fix faulty or even broken equipment means your resources are being exhausted.

It is an expense you cannot afford.


You have eight ways to surface defects.

Now, act quickly and implement them today.

Use your preventive maintenance software as the tool to accomplish the goal of reducing waste and increasing profits.

  • Execute your plan to reduce downtime and save money.
  • Use your automated PM solution to discover problems before they become severe problems.

You don’t have to wait for failed equipment.

You have options for preventing these deficiencies.

Counteracting the problems associated with faulty equipment can be accomplished with preventive maintenance superpower.

Consider your current situation for a moment.

Your facility is a dynamic environment with existing and new technicians, vendors, and equipment.

Changes require additional attention to detail.

Maintaining code and achieving proper safety standards ensures that you stay compliant.

Do you agree?

If you don’t, you might be replaced. Your facility could suffer.

If you don’t currently have a solution in place, now is the best time to fix your operational defect.

Strategy, infrastructure, and technology will move you to where you need to be.

Use these three actions with your preventive maintenance software. They’re the right step to identifying possible defects, reducing downtime, and cutting costs.

  1. Identify
  2. Prioritize
  3. Complete

It’s important to know frequency is the key here.

You know how often you need these activities done.

Do this, and defective equipment is a problem of your past.

Now you can have proactive maintenance.


Are you ready to be proactive?

Execute your plans using preventive maintenance.

It will result in the efficiency required to catch defects before they go undetected.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Centrally organize and manage preventive maintenance activities.
  2. All tasks, materials, labor, and equipment described in detail in one place
  3. Create and view activity schedules in a calendar.

1. Centrally organize and manage preventive maintenance activities.

The details of maintenance can be recorded, tracked, and maintained from a central place.

Picture this: managing your preventive maintenance from one activity detail record.

2. All tasks, materials, labor, and equipment described in detail in one place.

Easy for you to access.

It is also simple for you to understand.

Less time spent on the computer and more time is being spent in the field, ensuring your facility looks good and runs smoothly.

3. Create and view activity schedules in a calendar.

Have a bird’s-eye view of your maintenance operation.

Add activities to the specific date and make changes as needed.

Let’s say you did find a defect, fix it, but now you want to change the schedule to track it frequently.

You can do that with ease.

Have Complete Understanding

You’ll have a full understanding of what’s occurring throughout your maintenance operation.

Defects will not get past you and your team.

It makes knowing when work is scheduled and what work has been completed a whole lot smoother for you too.

Maintaining successful implementation of these changes, improvements, and reduction in downtime requires you to know your tools and use them.

Use them to analyze your current state.

Measure it against where you want to be.


We’ve shared several ways to identify and fix equipment defects before they lead to severe problems.

Use a CMMS that provides preventive maintenance. It’ll give you the resources to manage your facility's faulty equipment that goes undetected.

So, will you be implementing a maintenance solution like this at your facility?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in August 2017 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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