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Why You Shouldn't Ban Cellphones From Your Property

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Dec 14, 2017 6:05:00 AM

“France's education chief says that when students go back to school next fall, all mobile phone use will be banned in schools for students roughly 15 and younger,” writes Laurel Wamsley in their recent NPR article entitled “France Moves To Ban Students From Using Cellphones In Schools.”

Wamsley’s article explains that "these days the children don't play at break time anymore; they are just all in front of their smartphones, and from an educational point of view, that's a problem,’ Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer said, according to The Telegraph.”

"We are working on this issue, and it can take different forms,’ Blanquer said. ‘You may need a mobile phone, for example for educational purposes, for emergency situations’ so perhaps the phones can be confined to lockers,” Wamsley continues.

According to the NPR piece, “The French educational code has banned using phones in class in elementary schools and secondary schools since 2010. As a result, phones are supposed to be kept in students' backpacks.”

“But apparently that's not what happens,” she writes.

We understand the frustration France’s education chief and faculty face.

But, this message also frightens us.

A cellphone confined to a locker; that only helps in minor emergencies.

What about the severe emergencies that require real-time communication? You know, active shooters, BOLOs, and all other that need proactivity.

Criminals are smarter, which means your property needs to be ready. That’s why you can’t ban cellphones from your property.

This technology can help keep your customers and staff safe when it matters the most – while something is happening.

A Strong Case for Cellphones

We’ll call them smartphones because let’s be honest, that’s what they are nowadays.


You can do everything with and on them.

That’s why France is struggling to keep their students focused.

But, we’re confident that they’re not the only ones dealing with this smartphone conundrum.

Here’s the thing, we agree that a problem might exist within the education system as it relates to smartphone usage.

We have to find ways to manage it.

But, by removing this great technology from your property, we believe you are also inviting criminals and offenders to exploit your property.

The good news is that properties have a robust solution at the fingertips of their customers and staff.

So, let’s use it.

We’re making the case today that you have no choice but to embrace smartphones on your property – it could save someone’s life.

That life might even be yours.

Keep reading; because we’re going to share software with you that takes advantage of the real-time capabilities of your phone.

Mitigate an Incident Whiles It’s Happening

Your customers couldn’t mitigate a severe incident with their smartphone “confined to lockers.”

It’s not possible.

Incidents happen quickly – leaving little time for reaction.

You have to be proactive.

Text communication software supports this effort.


It allows everyone on your property to contribute to the safety of others.

Rather than something happening, and then everyone finding out; hundreds or thousands of eyes increase the property operation’s awareness.

By deploying text communication software, you afford customers and staff the ability to ‘see something’ and then instantly and discretely report it to your operations center.

That’s life-saving!

It’s also Proactive Operations at its core.

Promote the software throughout your property on collateral, signage, or through property-wide announcements.

Then, watch everyone get excited about helping to keep your property safe and running smoothly.

Do you see the importance?

Smartphones might be distracting, but banning them from your property could be dangerous for everyone you’re responsible for keeping safe.

That’s why you shouldn’t keep them out of reach – ever.

Are you interested in learning more about how proactive software like this can help your property? Check out this article.

Over to You

France is making a bold move; one that might lead to more significant problems.

We suggest you do the opposite. Embrace cellphones on your property and deploy text communication software.

Keep customers and safe day after day.

Mitigating incidents while they’re happening – that’s why you don’t ban smartphones.

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