Use Your CMMS to Augment This Sanitation Best Practice

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Mar 31, 2020 7:00:00 AM

You slide your chair to your desk.

After taking a sip of coffee, you place the mug on the desk, tap the mouse and space bar a few times.

The computer boots up.

You scratch your head and look to the corner of your desk.

“What’s this,” you murmur to yourself as you scratch harder.

Your screen goes bright.

The light hits the stack of papers on your desk, just the right way to make this newfound problem glow.

“Oh, no!” you shout.

“We’ve got vendors still coming on property,” you yell across to Laura, your operations director.

“Quite a few,” you continue.

You both pause for a moment.

Laura turns to you.

“That’s a problem,” Laura says a breath before you do.

You and Laura have a harsh realization.

Vendors are coming to your property.

Yes, you always find out about them later, especially if there is a PO or something they need to communicate with your team.

But you never had this high level of concern when it comes to having visitors on the property.

You and Laura are working on the property to keep things functioning and to manage stuff like this.

But you didn’t think of the effect of this one.

Vendors are still coming on the property to check on things or conduct preventive maintenance.

Usually, that’s never been a problem, only a routine that you don’t worry about ever.

Now is a different story.

You’ve got to ensure their work location is clean when they leave the property.

Lives could depend on it.

But how?

Keep reading; we’ve got a simple way your CMMS can help.


Now, more than ever, your sanitation efforts are critical.


It saves lives.

And how proactive you are at ensuring your property is clean is the difference between zero outbreaks and many.

So, what best practice do you have in place to ensure your property is clean after vendors leave?

Whether you have the best one in place, we’ve got a proactive one we want to share.

Use your CMMS web form.

Here’s what we mean.

  1. Activate your CMMS web form or web page for access by your outside vendors
  2. Require vendors to provide all-important work information during their visit, which includes the location of the work they’ll complete while on the property
  3. Following the vendor visits, deploy housekeeping to run their sanitation protocols

We believe this is a simple yet very effective way to ensure you keep any uninvited microscopic agents from staying on your property.


Start implementing this today and let us know how it works.

We’d love to hear from you – you’re not alone.

Oh, and one last thing, we recently wrote a post on how to combat uncleanliness on your property using inspection software.

Check it out.

It might help with this best practice.


Are vendors still coming and going from your property? If so, that’s a ripe opportunity for uninvited microscopic agents to make themselves right at home – and your people sick. It’s dangerous. But you can do something about it starting today.

Use your CMMS web form to support your sanitation efforts. It’s a best practice you need to ensure your property is proactively cleaning up after itself and keeping everyone on and off your property safe and healthy.

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