How to Combat Property Uncleanliness – Now

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Mar 26, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Let's keep it clean.

You're stressed out right now.

You might have other words to describe the situation.

But the important thing is keeping your property up to par for those that remain.

Not to mention, it's good practice, so things don't get out of hand before everyone returns.

And let's hope that time comes sooner than later.

We're using this as an excellent time to get other projects done, tighten up process, tweak things here and there, and do implementation we couldn't get around to until now.

Now is an opportunity for you too.

You can focus on the parts of your operation that are still critical to the day-to-day while setting your team up for proactive success.

Start with combating property uncleanliness.

Put all the right measures in place to keep unkempt out of your vocabulary.


Inspection software should be a part of your arsenal.

Keep reading; we're going to explain how you can get started – now.


Right now, you need efficiency and precision.

It has never been clearer.

Your efficiency lets you get more done in less time and with greater accountability.

Nothing gets missed.


That's where precision is essential.

You can't miss anything.

One small surface, a missed doorknob or handrail that doesn't get cleaned, can have a negative effect you want to avoid.

Having the ability to know what has been cleaned precisely and versus what might have been missed is the difference you can't afford to take a chance on today.

Inspection software gives you this peace of mind.

And with less anxiety, you can focus on the high-priority, critical elements of your role that keep your property running for a smooth return.

How does that feel?

Our goal is to make you feel relieved and empowered to combat uncleanliness, proactively.

We've got your back, and you've got the firepower to execute.


Efficiency and precision are manageable and inevitable when you have the best software deployed.


Then, accountability no longer becomes a primary concern.


Your staff is executing.

It also means everyone is getting the accurate information they need to do their jobs.

That's extremely important today.

Now, whether you're already using a software solution or not, you're reading the right article.

You've got six benefits below – and a bonus!

Check them out, and let's start combating uncleanliness together.


Oh, and some food for thought before you continue reading:

  • Relying on these components will eliminate the headaches of lack of accountability and execution, poor flow of information, and, most importantly, the overall efficiency of your operation. It matters for your peace of mind. Inspection software helps you achieve that and more.

Ok, now we're ready!

1. Complete, Accurate Documentation

A software solution will come with the ability to record and manage your property's vital information accurately.

All your staff can execute inspections while digitally delivering the results to you without the need to write it down – no more pen and paper.

That's proactive, combating precision!

Too much?

If someone is producing inaccurate and unserviceable reports, you know what and how to resolve the issues immediately.

2. Digital Checklists Lead to Efficiency & Precision

We'd say checklists are a valuable option for your combat efforts.

But, they're only as reliable as the employees completing them.

A core flaw in your inspection process might exist.

Or, your problem employees will eventually reveal themselves to you.

How do you validate whether your staff completes the required inspections?

The problem is chronic.

An employee initials the checklist without completing the inspection or addresses only the items they feel matter.

Generally, we see "the flying check marks" on the checklist, where an employee checks off all items without taking the time and effort to perform the inspection according to the standard process.

What happens when someone on your staff disregards an inspection that affects the safety of…everyone?

It's harmful.


What's worse is the potential lack of data integrity.

You're beyond accountability at this point.

Lack of data integrity results in allegations among your supervisors and staff.

When locations are disheveled, suspicious items pose a threat or injuries occur without warning, who's to blame?

You can't afford all these headaches, right?

Checklists alone do so much for your operation.

3. Maintain Your Well-Oiled Machine

Keep an eye on inefficiencies to keep your organization humming.

The good news is that most software solutions give your staff the applications to be well-organized: from the ability to record an inspection at the time of check to attaching multimedia (e.g., pictures, video, and audio.)

Do you agree there's no reason your employees should be spending questionable hours handling inspections that should take a quarter of the time?

The more time they're spending on these tasks is concerning.

You'd naturally question the cleanliness of your property.

That's why you need to use an inspection software solution.

4. Easy-to-Learn and Use

Most inspection software solutions can have your team trained up in no time.

That's the beauty of it.

You can combat uncleanliness ASAP.

We're talking fully operational!

You'll be moving your team from disjointed with no accountability, to effective and efficient.

How does that sound?

5. Barcodes Make Deployment Quick

Running routine inspections is easy for your staff when they no longer need to check off a list.

But you're no longer in a state of status quo or routine inspections.

We've got to step up your abilities.

Your ultimate alternative is using a device to scan barcodes at any location.

  • The staff scans the label
  • The digital checklist populates in seconds
  • Inspection items for a location become manageable
  • The staff completes the inspection with maximum efficiency

Now you have the power to hold staff accountable for their inspections.

You also have a fluid, trackable process in place.

You have efficiency and precision.

(And Proactive Operations!)

6. Multimedia Gives the Visual

Getting back to efficiency.

Software solutions can make recording inspections a painless process.

For your staff, it requires minimal effort.

With the ability to attach pictures, video, and audio, your employees have all the details to show results.

Also, you never know when you might need to prove something.

We're thinking about liability defense.

You never know, right?

Bonus: Fix Stuff When It Breaks!

Combating uncleanliness doesn't have to stop at that.

Inspection software has a secret weapon too.

If your employees spot furniture that's broken or faulty equipment during their inspection, from a software solution's mobile handheld device, they can submit a work order into your CMMS.

Your maintenance team is then able to track and respond to the work order effortlessly.

That's how you maximize performance.


While you're scrambling to keep your people safe and healthy, we've got a solution to help you. Stop what you're doing for a few minutes to see how inspection software could help you combat uncleanliness on your property.

Between the six benefits of using this software – the bonus – and your focus as a proactive leader, you'll be in an advantageous position to ensure your property is clean today and stays that way when everyone returns to normal business operations.

Add this to your arsenal. It's firepower you need.

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