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5 Proven Ways to Effectively Change Your Legacy Maintenance Software

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Sep 30, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room because we hear it often.

Facility managers don’t always come out and say it, especially when it comes to their maintenance software.


They fear change!

Your peers might advise you to keep looking and researching before you make a move away from your current legacy maintenance software.

In our humble opinion:

Taking this advice can be disastrous.

It really means don’t do anything – stay with your current situation.

We know good advice when we hear it.

That’s not good advice at all.

Would you agree?

It’s a bad idea if you want to achieve peace of mind. That’s for sure.


It’s time for a change.

Pure and simple.

Ask yourself what the big deal is anyway.

  • What’s this issue with facility managers challenging the status quo?
  • Why does the fear of change even exist in the first place?
  • How do we help facility managers get over it and move forward?

It’s time for you to revitalize your maintenance operation.

We’d like to help.

Now, let’s get to the source of your hesitation.

Shall we?

It’s Good News That You’re Ready to Challenge the Status Quo and Upgrade Your Maintenance Software

You’ve feared changing your operational process.

You’ve feared choosing your first maintenance solution.


You fear changing your current system.

You fear migration.

We get it. But why?

Be the change agent for your facility.

Today’s the day you take care of the status quo and move your operation.

There’s nothing wrong with fear.

But don’t let it paralyze you.

It’s not an example of very effective leadership, anyway.


We’re here to examine it with you.

We’re in this together – all of us.

Now is the time to solve the complexities associated with the status quo and get past them.

If you’re a facility manager that means you’re probably working long hours, right?

Well, we know this can lead to less time with your family, more stress, and being over-caffeinated.

We've said it before:

Do this over and over and you’re certain to get the same negative result.

Trust us.

It’s time.

  • Fight the status quo.
  • Face your fear of change.
  • Embrace progression, innovation, and Proactive Operations.

Don’t Fight the Change That’ll Enhance Your Operation

The truth is you really don’t have time to fear change.

You know this too, don’t you?

But you keep avoiding it anyway.

Embrace the change.

Do not fight it.

It gets better:

We’re going to show you how to (and help you) get through it.

We have an important question for you:

  • As a facility manager, do you get overly stressed when your team talks about changing the way things are and moving to a new maintenance solution?

We can only imagine the unease.

Choosing your first or next maintenance solution is exhausting:

  1. Finding solution providers
  2. Interviewing them
  3. Scheduling and watching demonstrations of their system
  4. Making your decision!

But wait, there’s more.

Implementing the system!

The pressure is on.

But you can get past this.

So, don’t fret.

We’re here to help you through the change.

One of the coolest things about change is that you get to experience innovation.

You’ll no longer be missing out on an enhanced operation.

You’ll get to employ and use modernized technology available these days.

All the unsettling tasks associated with changing the way you do things produce a multitude of rewards that’ll benefit your facility’s performance.

Here’s the thing:

Whether you’re purchasing your first maintenance solution, migrating to a new one, or stressing over implementation, we’ll get you down the path to peace of mind.

Outline Your Process, Face This Challenge Head on and Prepare for What’s Ahead

It’s time to make important decisions and execute.

You’re tasked with moving your team in the right direction.

You must not resist change.


We know this might be new for you.

So, we’re here to give you the assistance you need.

Are you ready?

Five Ways Facility Managers Realize Change

At this point, we’re confident we’ve convinced you to start changing your maintenance solution – you’d say you’re all about it by now.

Frankly, you’re over the status quo altogether.


You need to push everyone else in the direction you’re headed.

It’ll take some convincing and tenacity on your part.

You can do it. We’ve got you covered.

Below are the five proven ways to effectively get everyone onboard.

That way you can move from your legacy maintenance solution to a progressive system you’ll like using.

  1. Build from the Bottom Up
  2. Have a Plan to Get Buy-In
  3. Minimize Resistance by Minimizing Risk
  4. Analyze and Celebrate Your Success
  5. Ask for Feedback from Stakeholders

1. Build from the Bottom Up

Top-down decision-making doesn’t exist anymore.

You and your team are the influencers.

Take note of this.

It’s very important you see yourself as the expert because now you’ll have the confidence to propose changes and push them through the decision process effectively and efficiently.

2. Have a Plan to Get Buy-In

Consider all the concerns of your teammates and stakeholders.

Have a contingency plan for what may come. Once the going gets tough, people can turn against you.

Be prepared:

Have all your operational, financial, and departmental bases covered.

A plan will make the bumps in the road smoother. 

3. Minimize Resistance by Minimizing Risk

Ask the questions important to your operation.

  • How will this affect us?
  • What drawbacks will we face during a transition?
  • What are our concerns for transitioning away from our current maintenance solution to a new one?
  • What concerns have been addressed and resolved already by our solutions provider?
  • What form of support do we expect from our solutions provider?

Address the questions, reduce your risk, and experience successful change.

4. Analyze and Celebrate Your Success

We press this subject often.

Well, because it’s important.

Hard data shows the results of change.

Track and use your statistics to see where you were, and to see where you are now.

  • Did you experience immediate results after your change?

Measure your results to prove your abilities as an effective facility manager.

Financially and operationally speaking…

Your boss will love it!

5. Ask for Feedback from Stakeholders

Your team is a big part of effective change.

They’re the ones installing, integrating, implementing, testing, training, and using your new maintenance solution.

See what they think about it.


Don’t just hear their thoughts. Listen to them.

Use the feedback you receive to execute.

Now, we get it…

The road to change isn’t an easy one.

However, it’s achievable with structure in place.

If your purpose is clear, you’re already making the change necessary to realize peace of mind.

Good for you.

Down the Path to Achieve Peace of Mind

With purpose on your mind, it’s time to refute bad advice and make positive changes for your facility.

Not sure what to expect during this process? Don’t stress it.

Here are four phases you’ll go through once you embrace change:

Anticipation of Your Achievement

This is where you’ll recognize the changes you’re making.

The anticipation will excite you because you’ve decided. You know the benefits are coming.  

Now, you’re making big plans to transform your operation.

Regression Is Inevitable but Not Long-Term

This part is bound to happen.

Here’s the thing:

When it rains, it pours.

Everything that can go wrong, will.

Everything will get worse before it gets better.

Trust us.

But you’ll get through it.

So, build a support system inclusive of your solution provider’s Support team.

Don’t get stuck here.

Keep moving forward.

The Breakthrough Moment

Put the hardest part behind you and your team.

It’s time for you to reap the benefits of your decision to change – and the fact that you did change.

Everything is coming together here.

You’ve implemented, migrated, and really like your system.

Your new maintenance solution is a GO.

Consolidate the Benefits and Make it Routine

Close your eyes for a moment.

Do you see all the benefits of this change?

Exciting, right?

Rather than only embracing change – you get to enjoy the benefits and make them your new and improved way of doing things.

Turn your benefits into business as usual and relish your peace of mind.

Over to You

You’ve changed your maintenance software, now what?

Don’t stop here. Continue to face your fear of change, manage it, stay disciplined and embrace the power of change for your facility’s sake.

So, will you put these proven ways of change to use at your facility that way you can leave your legacy system behind?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in September 2015 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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