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Preventing the Ominous Effects of Not Using Maintenance Software

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Sep 16, 2021 7:00:00 AM

You might be thinking:

What could possibly counter the effects of not using maintenance software?

Let’s be clear.

There is no way…other than putting a state-of-the-art system in place.

In order to achieve peace of mind and keep your bottom line in the green, using CMMS software is your only answer.


We don’t mean to be ironic, but there’s a remarkable point to this concept.

The truth is…you can’t avoid the effects of not using a system – unless you use a system!

If you’re determined to stop losing money, it’s time for a change.

Your time is now.

Are you ready for peace of mind?

Good, keep reading.

Avoid Legacy CMMS Software to Strengthen Your Foundation & Produce Positive Effects

We’re here to tell you the unfavorable effects of not using a maintenance solution are, well, unavoidable.

Here’s the thing:

While using a system is important, using the right system is even more important.

We’ve seen lots of systems in the marketplace.

There’s certainly a number of acceptable brands, but there’s a number of legacy systems too – trust us.

These are avoidable.

You have to be careful because using the wrong system can be just as bad as not using one at all.

Even worse at times…

They can cause more confusion for your team.

Many of these systems are difficult to learn.

We can’t stress enough how cumbersome they are to use too.

Endless, ongoing training will be needed to operate these legacy systems.

Frankly, these systems lack the needed flexibility to help you and your team endure.

Let’s not even mention the amount of paperwork required when utilizing these systems.

It gets worse:

For all intents and purposes, these systems are a hassle.

In order to remove the hassle from your facility maintenance and counter the effects of poor maintenance solutions, you’ll need:

  • Paperless.
  • Automated.

It’s time for you to remove paperwork from your maintenance initiatives altogether.

With that, you can automate your work orders, purchase orders, preventive maintenance activities, and tasks to experience the positive effects of using the right system.

Yielding Positive Effects through Innovative Solutions

For a second, think about what’s most important to your operation.

Is it saving money?

Do you need to move your operation from a cost center to a profit center?

Do you already have your bottom line covered but need to increase operational efficiency?

Whatever your challenges might be, the only way to achieve your goals is to put a system in place with the right capabilities.

You need to understand:

Functionality is great, it’s even important, but the value provided by each function is what’ll put your operation on the end of the spectrum away from ominous.

If you want to promote peace of mind at your facility, your system will need the following characteristics.

  1. Removing paper will reduce workplace stress.
  2. A seamless system for making work order requests.
  3. Easy approvals to keep the momentum going.
  4. Preventive maintenance. Need we say more?
  5. Digital checklists for readability and accountability.
  6. Inventory tracking so no material slows down your team.
  7. Vendor and warranty expiration alerts to stay on top of everything.
  8. Analytics that’ll change your perspective on success.

Removing paper will reduce workplace stress.

Illegible, handwritten work orders are evil.

You must shut them down.

They’re dangerous to your operation and your peace of mind.

Doing this will move your team in the right direction.

Information will be clear.

You’ll also make strides and eliminate the mountain of paperwork on your desk.

Creating, tracking, and communicating work orders will become automatic and easy.

A seamless system for making work order requests.

Do you get tired of waiting for things to get done around your facility?

It’s detrimental to your operation.

Remove it.

Provide your team with web-based forms.

It’ll help them put in requests to be done much faster.


Time is your most valuable asset.

This will reduce the amount of time work takes to get done.

Are you already experiencing peace of mind?

It gets better:

Your team will now be able to seamlessly submit work orders directly into your solution for approval.

Proficiency meets efficiency.

It’s all about doing a great job, efficiently and effectively.

Easy approvals to keep the momentum.

Does your team get tired of waiting for work orders to get approved?

This is probably the cause of their workplace stress.


  • Are work order approvals leading to more stress than you ever imagined?
  • Is this problem simply slowing down your operation?

Great news, systems exist that drastically cut the time it takes for approvals to be completed.

When a work order is submitted into your system, the record is quickly associated with your facility’s chain of command.

Based on the criteria you establish, the work order will be routed to specific individuals for efficient approval.

Think about it:

With a chain of command in place, two things happen:

  1. Time spent planning work and worrying about it getting done immediately dissipates.
  2. Maintenance and all associated work activities actually get done.

Preventive maintenance. Need we say more?

In all honesty, we could start and stop here.

If you don’t have preventive maintenance, you’re probably experiencing the ominous effects of not using preventive maintenance as you read this article.

You need preventive maintenance.

There isn’t more to say…

Well, besides the fact that it’s vital to your job security and the health of your facility.


You need preventive maintenance to create your maintenance activities and tasks without ambiguity and confusion.

It changes everything!

Digital checklists for readability and accountability.

Face it. You’re in the digital age whether you like to admit it or not.

It’s time to get up to speed.

Your peace of mind depends on it – and so does your team!

Save time and headaches.

Create digital checklists and give them to your engineers.

Trust us, work will get done better and faster. It’ll also get done the way you need it.

Here’s the kicker:

Digital checklists guarantee consistency amongst your maintenance activities.

It removes questions.

Consistency eradicates the barriers associated with getting work done…correctly.

Let’s put it into perspective for you.

  1. Has the life safety equipment been inspected? Yes.
  2. Is the life safety equipment up to compliance? No.
  3. If life safety equipment does not pass inspection, identify replacement parts. Check.
  4. Do you want peace of mind? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Inventory tracking so no material slows down your team.

Have you ever really needed a part…and were out?

It can wear you down, right? It’s frustrating to need something to keep your facility looking good – and you’re out of it…

Those days are over.


You can schedule notifications for managing your inventory levels.

No more HVAC filters usually a concern?

Don’t fret, you’ll know before they’re too low now.

Here’s the thing:

Managing your inventory levels improves your ability to foresee business needs.

That'll help.

It’s always great to have peace of mind knowing your materials are available when you need them.

Vendor and warranty expiration alerts to stay on top of everything.

Your vendors and warranty information make up a large part of your operation.

If your warranties are expiring you’ve got to know.

This information can’t slip through the cracks.

Expired vendor insurance will also affect your bottom line.

You need to know everything, at all times. You need notifications to keep you up to speed AND on top of things.

Putting the right system in place will help you know when warranties and your vendors’ insurance expire.

Now, you can focus less on these headaches and more on finding ways to save money like…

  • Optimizing work order processes and preventive maintenance activities.
  • Improving the performance of life safety equipment to make it last longer and keep your facility safe.

Analytics that’ll change your perspective on success.

Are you ready to see clear as day?

Are you ready to enhance your awareness?

Using a system with analytics and one-click reporting will make those ominous days disappear.

Not only because you’re using a maintenance solution, but because you’re using the right system to continuously protect your bottom line, your facility, and your customers that occupy it.

The great thing is:

When you use reporting, you never stop measuring…which means you never stop improving your operation.

Ahhh, peace of mind…

Over to You

Implementing progressive maintenance software will let you prevent all of the unfavorable effects of not using a system or using a legacy system.

Because like we said, the only way to protect your bottom line and achieve peace of mind is to have a system in place that provides real-life value for your facility.

So, will you be implementing a CMMS solution to prevent the negative effects of not using one?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in July 2015 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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