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You slide your chair to your desk.

After taking a sip of coffee, you place the mug on the desk, tap the mouse and space bar a few times.

The computer boots up.

You scratch your head and look to the corner of your desk.

“What’s this,” you murmur to yourself as you scratch harder.

Your screen goes bright.

The light hits the stack of papers on your desk, just the right way to make this newfound problem glow.

“Oh, no!” you shout.

“We’ve got vendors still coming on property,” you yell across to Laura, your operations director.

“Quite a few,” you continue.

You both pause for a moment.

Laura turns to you.

“That’s a problem,” Laura says a breath before you do.

You and Laura have a harsh realization.

Vendors are coming to your property.

Yes, you always find out about them later, especially if there is a PO or something they need to communicate with your team.

But you never had this high level of concern when it comes to having visitors on the property.

You and Laura are working on the property to keep things functioning and to manage stuff like this.

But you didn’t think of the effect of this one.

Vendors are still coming on the property to check on things or conduct preventive maintenance.

Usually, that’s never been a problem, only a routine that you don’t worry about ever.

Now is a different story.

You’ve got to ensure their work location is clean when they leave the property.

Lives could depend on it.

But how?

Keep reading; we’ve got a simple way your CMMS can help.

CMMS software is a prized solution for properties.

It can help any proactive leader move toward a profitable maintenance operation.

But, knowing which systems are going to help you reduce operational waste and cut hindering costs can be tricky.


Many maintenance “solutions” have flaws.

Yes, they’re software and tout their ability to improve efficiency for your operation.

But, it seems their perspective comes only from their understanding of maintenance operations.

These systems are antiquated and cumbersome and do not take into account the real needs of the customer.

One issue leads to another with their use – and the cumbersomeness catches up to your bottom line.

Vital activities and tasks that are essential to running a fluid operation start slipping through the cracks.

These missed maintenance initiatives cost you money, often lots of it too.

“What do we do,” is the question you’re back to asking yourself and your team.

You’d rather be able to quickly cut your maintenance costs and focus on increasing the profitability of your business.

Are we right?

Yes, we are!

We’re going to show you how a proactive CMMS can help you turn your maintenance operation and keep it a profit center.

Are you ready for Proactive Operations?

Eliminating your maintenance problems lands on your shoulders.

Yes, that’s a lot of responsibility.

It’s also why we thought this article would point you in the right direction and even elevate your mood.

So that we’re on the same page, we’d like to help – in every way possible – to eliminate all your maintenance concerns.

But, we figured reducing them would be the logical first step.

You might be thinking to yourself: “They’re right; it would be nice to like using my CMMS software.”

We know we’re not mindreaders, but are we close?

Reducing the impact of maintenance related problems will be the first step on your journey to eliminating workplace stress and achieving Proactive Operations.

CMMS software is the best thing since paper, so you can stop using paper and start “loving” your maintenance solution.

We’re ready to show you maintenance made easy.

Are you ready?

Any facility manager could tell you:

Purchasing a new CMMS is a stressful and overwhelming process.

When you’re already faced with the apparent challenges of operating an existing unwieldy piece of software – it’s even worse!

We understand your struggle.

So much that we’ve spent the last several years working out the kinks.

You might think:

There’s no way to make this process an enjoyable one.

Well, friend, there is.

We’ve defined 14 rules that’ll change the way you purchase CMMS software.

We call them ‘rules’ because if you don’t live by them, you’ll select the wrong system.

Your operation won’t become a profit center.

We don’t ever want that to happen.

Follow these rules, and you’ll be able to make the purchasing process effortless (and stress-less!) and your maintenance initiatives a breeze.


You need your cloud-based CMMS software training to be easy, so your team will use it, right?

Then, let’s start by getting the buy-in from your team – the people that’ll be trained and using the system.

Keeping your property humming is a must.

You’ve got this primary responsibility.

But it’s wearing you down.


The cost to maintain equipment is breaking the bank.

One thing after another is breaking, and when that happens, you must fix it or buy a new one!

Fixing the problem costs a lot of money.

That’s your most significant issue.

But, you can ‘fix’ the more significant problem.


By using a CMMS with preventive maintenance (PM).

It’s your operation's best solution to this recurring setback.

This software will help you counter the cyclical problems of having to fix or buy new equipment.

It will help you reduce downtime and increase your efficiency, which takes your maintenance operation from a cost center to a profit center.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know your property is running smoothly?

We think so, which is why we’ve put together the following insights on how PM software can help your property boost uptime.

Are you ready?

Let’s get to it.

Computerized Maintenance Management System is as complicated to say as it is to choose.

It doesn’t have to be.

That’s the purpose of this article.

We’ll stick with CMMS software and provide you the most straightforward format for selecting your next maintenance application.

Fair enough? Good.

We do feel your pain, though – because we’ve built one.

Whether this is your first time, or you’re ditching your legacy system and moving to a new one, know we’re here to provide you with useable insight into making the right choice.

Before you even begin comparing software providers, there are a couple of points to consider:

  1. How do you start the process of finding a CMMS?
  2. What are your objectives?

Maintenance systems can be cumbersome and full of features.

How do you sift through the noise?

How do you find the one which brings value to your property and with the highest potential return on investment?

There’s quite a bit to consider.

You need your CMMS software to be used.

So, start by engaging the team that will be using the solution to help you.