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How important is the customer experience to you?

You might be thinking:

A positive customer experience is the ultimate goal at your property. That goes without saying.

If you want to keep your property operational, and your job, you need to keep your customers coming back.

But, what happens when incidents and issues get in the way? How do you safeguard your customers from the effects of higher priority concerns?

The answer is clear.

You use request tracker software so nothing slips through the cracks.

Using this software is a nice way to enhance your customers’ experience while guaranteeing you achieve peace of mind.

Now keep reading, because you’re going to want to understand what we’re talking about fully.

Are you ready for Proactive Operations?

You probably know:

A guard tour system can be the difference between a professional operation and something slipping through the cracks.

For several years, wand systems have reigned amongst security operations.

Don’t get us wrong, they work.

But, you’re a professional organization…which is why you need to keep reading.

We’re going to discuss the top qualities of guard tour software – the software that professionals use.

You might be thinking:

There has to be a better way to increase efficiency and ensure accountability throughout my security operation.

Good news, there is.

We’ve worked diligently over many years to uncover what’s missing in current wand systems while exploring the qualities of a system the most sophisticated operations use.

Let’s not waste anymore time.

It’s time for you to achieve peace of mind.

Operational efficiency can be achieved with task management software.

It’s no secret:

Being able to efficiently execute operational tasks is a key ingredient to becoming a successful venue.

Without that ability, how are you going to ultimately achieve maximum efficiency and provide your guests with a positive lasting impression on how well your operation performs?

Everything in your operation ties together with the customer experience in mind. Whether you’ve put an incident management system in place to handle suspicious persons or unruly patrons, or you’ve streamlined your CMMS software to ensure you catch faulty equipment before it breaks (or if it does break, you can quickly repair it!). It all boils down to how safe and secure your guests feel when they visit your property.

Adding task management software to your collection is that extra mile you can take to make sure everything in your venue that needs to get done – gets done.

Think about it:

How often do you find yourself and your team scrambling to get the gates opened or forgetting to reverse the elevators after the first quarter because you don’t have an automated system in place?

You cannot be an effective or efficient leader if you have to micro-manage important tasks to ensure they’re being executed. That’s not a leader, that’s a babysitter!

The industry talks, and we listen.

What we hear is lack of accountability and inefficiency are problems with guard tour systems.  

Knowing whether security staff is conducting their scheduled inspections is an ongoing challenge for venue managers throughout the industry.

Ambiguous processes and old-school systems prevent venue operations from tackling these two very vital aspects of their operation.

We’re going to help you overcome this. It’s time to advance your venue’s operation. It’ll ultimately result in a safer environment…for everyone.

We’re not going to deliver a rundown of features today, instead we’d like to share a thought-out compilation of ways professional venue managers overcome weaknesses and grow into a streamlined organization.

Now is the best time to take control of your operational efficiency and enforce accountability at your venue.

The right guard tour system will help you successfully overhaul your operation and ensure security staff is efficient and accountable for their role and duties.

A guard tour system can be the source of peace of mind or misfortune for a security company.

Conducting guard tours for properties ranging from hospitals to malls can get the best of a company at times. Using an antiquated system doesn’t make the situation any better either.

There’s no question security teams have a never-ending list of work to complete.

How does a security operation track all of their vital information and ensure their team is getting the work done? It’s a simple question that might’ve only had a complex answer – in the past.

Provided in this article is the foresight needed when choosing the right system for a security operation where improving accountability is the focus, and the present.

Communication among departments is a challenge for stadium managers leading up to game day.

Chaos ensues as a result of bad communication. It’s stressful and it’s not even game time, yet. You’re feeling the pressure from your team, other department supervisors and your boss.

We can only imagine how the lack of communication is affecting your budget too. Your marketing team has a habit of overselling their sponsorships. For today’s game, they’ve decided to communicate their sponsorship numbers…this morning. Yes, game day morning.