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The Right CMMS Can Save Your Thanksgiving

, | November 27, 2014 | By

You’re sitting down for your Thanksgiving feast. A smorgasbord of your favorites. You’re salivating from the scent of turkey and sweet potato casserole…with marshmallows. YUM!

You’re loosening the top button of your pants in preparation AND then it happens…

Your phone starts ringing off the hook. It’s your Chief Engineer. “Do they not realize it’s Thanksgiving?” You quickly answer because you suppose it’s important if they’re calling you DURING THANKSGIVING DINNER!

Without even a “Hello” they exclaim, “None of the work orders are complete for tomorrow’s event! The only way I know this is because the files are still sitting on your desk! We’re doomed! The whole event’s going to fall apart, literally!”

Your blood pressure spikes. You begin sweating profusely. What do you do? It’s impossible to resist the delicious morsels in front of you. You have no choice. It’s time to face the noise and resolve this Thanksgiving disaster – off to your facility!

If this has ever happened to you or you NEVER want it to happen to you, now is a better time than any to find, choose and implement a CMMS that can save your Thanksgiving…and the ones which follow.

Ready to actually enjoy your Thanksgiving...and your CMMS?

Check out our list of the 8 questions you need answered “YES!” when choosing a CMMS that’ll save your you-know-what on turkey day and the other 364 days of the year. You can ‘give us thanks’ next year.