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Proactive Operations Know How to Create the Best Memories

| February 23, 2017 | By

Another annual focus group is in the books.

Just like the previous ones – it was a huge success.

We’re excited to share the wealth of knowledge and insights that this event generates.

The ISS 24/7 Annual Focus Group is where industry experts come together to:

  1. Conduct deep dives on 24/7 Software's unified solution;
  2. Discuss power tips for both operations and technology;
  3. Talk about emerging industry technology.

We get tremendous feedback from this event, and it’s clear that every year we get a little more than the year before.

We learned a great deal about what’s needed and wanted.

It’s exciting.

Loads of information was exchanged over the last two days, and we can see how well the Proactive Operations methodology has been embraced over the previous 12 months.

We’re obsessed in our pursuit to understand what’s truly involved in achieving success in each type of industry, but we also question “Why?” we’re obsessed with it.

And now, we know why.

Since operations have been gung-ho to employ Proactive Operations lately, we’ve realized everyone has a higher purpose which goes beyond this methodology.

They have a greater reason for striving to achieve maximum performance.

Do you know what it is?

We do, and we introduced this enlightening perspective at this years’ focus group.

All of us have a purpose to create the best memories for guests.

It’s that simple – but also requires a lot of hard work on your part.

Keep reading; if you’re up to the challenge.

Choose Only to Create the Best Memories

Think about an experience, recent or in the past.

  • What about that experience do you recall most?
  • Do you remember the wonderful time you had with family or friends?
  • Is it a series of unfortunate events that ruined your time, and you can’t seem to erase them from your memory?

Once you think about these questions, let it percolate for a moment.

  • How did this exercise make you feel?
  • Did you recall more good memories or bad ones?

Now, reflect on how often you go back to this property. Is it often or do you avoid it at all costs?

Do you get goosebumps from the excitement because you have so many good memories or does your heart begin to palpitate from the anxiety because all you can remember is the sequence of traumatic incidents that manufactured a bad memory?

There’s no question that you can go to the same property and either leave with positive or unhappy memories.

But, what makes the difference?

Makings of a Bad Memory

Let’s think about a good example.

How about sports? We can all relate to that, right?

You’re attending an event at a property in a different city and state. You’re there with friends and family.

During your experience, you order a hot dog and some fries. You walk over to the hot dog stand, and the ketchup machine is empty.

You scurry to the restroom and no more hand towels for you to wash your hands. When you finally get to your seat – it’s broken!

Today’s not turning out the way you hoped, is it?

Now, here’s where your day really goes south: your team loses, badly.

How is this experience going to ingrain itself into your memory? It’s an awful memory, right?

The fact that your team loses is just the final straw.


The property didn’t do what it takes to ensure you need only to focus on the game and creating happy memories of this experience – one you might not get to experience again.

Your attention was on everything that went wrong, not what went right.

Yes, the opposing fans will more than likely have good memories.

But as a proactive leader, are you willing to make that gamble for your operations? Is it worth it to disregard Proactive Operations and risk creating bad memories for your guests?

Of course not.

Keep reading; we want to share with you how a unified solution can help eradicate the inefficiencies that lead to the bad memories.

That way, the only memories leaving your property are the best ones.

Proactive Operations Trust Unified Solutions

Proactive Operations is the definition of operations that have taken or are working to take, their operation to the highest level of performance ability.

Proactive operations utilize strategy, infrastructure, and technology to achieve maximum performance.

Once in place, strategy, infrastructure, and technology work together to produce high-performing operations.

Let’s focus on how using a unified solution is the catalyst to employing Proactive Operations in 2017, and provides the ability for your operation to create positive lasting memories that all of your guests are excited about.

You’ve got to cover all bases of your operations to yield positive memories for guests. Do you agree?

That’s why you must implement a unified solution to achieve this high level of performance.

Keep reading; we’re going to demonstrate the difference that being a proactive operation makes when employing a unified technology.

How the Best Memories Are Created

We’ll stick to the same event from above to prove how software can help eliminate operational drawbacks that lead to bad memories.

You purchase your hot dog and fries and could use some ketchup. When you walk over, the machine is filled to the brim.

The property can estimate how often the ketchup empties based on attendance.

They use task management software to schedule a task for filling the ketchup bottle within a certain amount of time from the last refill.

Some of the ketchup from your hot dog gets on your hands, so you’ve got to take a quick trip to the restroom.

There’s plenty of hand towels because the property uses location inspection software to conduct location inspections, which includes all bathroom facilities.

But, even if the hand towels were empty, the property uses text communication with prominent signage affixed to the bathroom entrance.

You can quickly send a text to the property’s command center with the location and issue details for a refill in minutes.

Now you head back to your seat.

You walk down the aisle and see your friends and family waving for you. You make it to your seat, put your drink in the cup holder, and relax.

There’s no issue here because the property uses CMMS software. They have scheduled preventive maintenance activities to check seating regularly and before events.

Your seat was fixed before you knew it was even an issue.

Unfortunately, your team still loses in this scenario too.

Oh well, an old colleague from the area is at the game too and invites you to have a drink at the bar. You agree to meet them until your party’s taxi arrives.

You text the command center and request a taxi.

The property uses request tracking software, which allows them to track the taxi request separate from the incident management system that’s used for high priority incidents (e.g. wet spills, vomit, heart attacks, and fights).

The property is making money from your drink, and you’re generating one more great memory for today.

Now, that’s a proactive operation.

Over to You

Do you see how using a unified solution can eliminate the obstacles of running your operation and the potential hazards that lead to bad memories?

It helps you and your team focus on creating the long-lasting best memories.

Trust us.

Learn how to make the not-so-giant leap to Proactive Operations

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