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Preventive Maintenance Software Equals Efficiency

by 24/7 Software / February 26, 2015

Preventive maintenance software eliminates the need for technicians to spend their days waiting around for equipment to stop working.

Your maintenance department is the core of your organization. Your facility can crumble without it.

Most organizations continue to view their facility maintenance department as a cost center. Low efficiency, unmanaged resource allocation and defective equipment can lead to money lost.

We’ve noticed many facility managers are missing what it means to take control of their facility maintenance. Are you?

Using preventive maintenance software can move a maintenance department from a cost center to a profit center.

Implementing a CMMS with preventative maintenance functionality allows for disciplined planning and scheduling practices.

Planning is Smart Practice for Facility Managers

Planning – as simple as it might seem – is often a missed practice when managing maintenance.

Some managers still believe in the “necessary evil” approach and conduct maintenance activities as such. They wait for the next piece of equipment to break before using resources to fix it.

You need to reduce your operational and equipment downtimes. You also need to reduce your costs associated with completing activities and tasks. With discipline you can help your team persevere.

Here are 7 simple steps for achieving a reduction in every area of your operation: 

  1. Prioritize your work with purpose in mind.
  2. Develop checklists and specific steps for completing your work, and stick to them.
  3. Make sure you have the necessary materials and equipment available to successfully perform work.
  4. Produce a schedule of the work to be done for each equipment category associated with your facility.
  5. Complete all scheduled work on time and as scheduled.
  6. Inspect the equipment for additional work to be completed.
  7. Digitally document the work details for long-term analysis.

Are you currently taking this approach to managing your maintenance? Now is the time to use preventive maintenance methods to get the best results for your profit center.

Reduce inefficiency to move closer to your goal. You want resources allocated to the correct activities, at the right time and for the right amount.

Downtime of your equipment requires more attention from your workforce, so reduce it.  The more often you need to send staff to fix faulty or broken equipment, the more your resources are being over utilized.

The more money saved, the closer you get to being a profit center.

Preventive Maintenance Software Solidifies Your Maintenance Operation

It’s imperative to efficiently execute your preventive maintenance plan.

Efficiency in your maintenance operation will lead to more profits. More profits lead to longevity for your organization.

Use your preventive maintenance software to accomplish the goal of remaining or becoming a profit center. Do this by executing your plan with an automated preventive maintenance solution.

It used to be that we would often hear of facilities that would wait for their equipment to fail. It’s less likely we hear it these days, but that’s because facility managers are finding ways to prevent these drawbacks before they occur.

Preventive maintenance is one way we can counteract the mishaps associated with a reduced work force, poor management, over utilized equipment, and overworked facility managers.

Consider what might be currently occurring without planning in place. Your facility is a living breathing organism consisting of engineers, technicians, vendors, materials, and equipment that often requires your team’s attention.

You more than likely need to maintain proper safety standards to stay compliant in order to keep you from losing your job.

Does that sound like a lot of stress and responsibility on your plate? Well, it is. If you don’t have a solution or game plan in place, it’s a good time to start looking into one.

If you have an overturning work force, resources being allocated to the wrong areas of your business and more responsibilities piling on your desk, the chance of you becoming more efficient moves down the list – way down.

You need to change this.

Efficiency is what gets you to where you need to be. It needs to be high on your priority list. Identifying, prioritizing and completing your maintenance activities as efficiently as you need can be done with preventive maintenance software.

It removes the questions, gives you the answers and helps you know what needs to be tracked and maintained, and the frequency at which it needs to be.

Release Untapped Efficiency

Lead your organization to effective equipment usage, improved material and workforce allocation, and less operational downtime. Be a profit centric maintenance department.

Executing your simple plan using your preventative maintenance solution will result in the efficiency required to accomplish this.

Here’s how to do it.

A valuable system will give you the ability to centrally organize and manage your preventive maintenance activities. The details of your maintenance can be recorded, tracked and maintained from a single place. Imagine being able to manage your preventive maintenance with ease from one activity detail.

Work to be done and all tasks, materials, labor, and equipment needed – in one place. Easy for you to access and simple to understand. That’s the key to your efficiency. Can you see it yet? Less time is being spent on the computer and more time is being spent in the field getting your work completed.

Now you can easily create schedules and view them in a calendar format. Some systems even allow you to manage your scheduled maintenance in the calendar format. Add activities to the specific date and make changes as needed.

It makes understanding what’s being done and when a whole lot easier for you. It’s a bird’s-eye view.

The stress of allocating staff to the right place, identifying what equipment always fails, “Do I have enough materials and equipment available?” “Are my employees conducting inspections and completing work as expected?”…can finally subside.

Analyze Your Performance, Increase Profits

Maintaining this requires you to do an in-depth analysis and dive deep into your numbers while getting everyone on board with your vision. Not only are you working towards profits for the organization, you’re changing the facility maintenance culture. Everyone needs to acclimate and accept the changes you’re working towards.

We understand change is a hard fact many work to avoid. This article gives you valuable tips on how you can get over it and start being successful on your own terms.

It may take some time to get everyone up to par. The purpose is to create the plan, get your people up to speed and execute using your preventive maintenance solution. After that, focus on measuring and improving every aspect for a fully optimized profit center.

For the highest level of performance, you will want to use the reporting features available in your solution to measure preventive maintenance elements that have the most impact to your facility.

Preventive maintenance summary reports will allow you to track multiple facilities, the status of all your activities and associated tasks. See a detailed look into the frequency of maintenance tasks and how you can possibly improve the utilization of equipment for increased quality of production and a reduction in inspections.

Over to You

Finding the balance and knowing your priorities will support better business decisions. From material costs to labor costs, the empirical data facilitates your key performance indicators so you can improve them.

Define your plan, execute it, measure it, and use the data to propel your facility maintenance to higher profits.

Ready for Proactive Operations?


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