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Proactive Operations Could Make Your Life Easier

by 24/7 Software / May 3, 2018

“An engineer in California has an invention that she hopes will someday help people with damaged lungs breathe easier,” writes Joe Palca in their recent NPR article entitled “Experimental Lung Treatment Could Make Breathing Easier.”

According to Palca, “Stanford University's Annelise Baron has developed a synthetic version of something called lung surfactant. Lung surfactant coats the tiny air sacs in the lung. Without it, every breath would be a struggle, like blowing up millions of little balloons. With surfactant, breathing is as easy as blowing soap bubbles.”

“Scientists inferred the existence of lung surfactant in the 1950s, and then Dr. Mary Ellen Avery showed that premature infants were unable to make surfactant, explaining the often fatal respiratory distress syndrome they suffered from,” Palca explains.

The NPR article continues that “Stanford University pulmonologist Angela Rogers says a surfactant harvested from animal lungs has been used successfully to treat these preemies.”

"It's absolutely a lifesaver. Hundreds of thousands of people are alive in our country today because of the widespread use of surfactant," says Rogers in Palca’s piece.

“Rogers says that success made doctors wonder if surfactant use could be expanded,” shares Palca.

Rogers continues in the article that "there was a lot of interest in my field to try to surfactant in adults that have a problem with their lungs called acute respiratory distress syndrome."

The NPR article explains that “initial results using surfactant in adults weren't very promising, and lung surfactant was just too expensive to try using it for very long in adult lungs.”

“That's where Barron's work comes in. For more than 20 years, she's been trying to make a cheaper, synthetic surfactant, and now she thinks she's succeeded,” reveals Palca.

Medical advancements like this are exciting progressions for our future that we can all be grateful for today.


Steps towards better health are critical to our longevity.

That made us think.

What’s critical for the longevity of your property’s operation? Like Barron inventing a substance to ‘make breathing easier,’ what would ‘make your life easier?’

While we know your role doesn’t focus on synthetic surfactant, there’s an interesting lesson here:

  • An operational methodology world-class operations rely on every day to achieve maximum performance could be used to make your life easier

Are you aware of this methodology? It’s Proactive Operations!

And, we’re confident it will make your life easier.

Isolate Your Operational “Illness”

You might not be responsible for inventing advanced medical techniques or substances that improve the health of humans.

But, you are charged with running an operation that keeps people safe.

That’s a weighty responsibility, and you won’t be able to ensure anyone’s safety if you don’t recognize your own “illness.”


That’s why you’ve got to take a step back and look at your operation.

(Pro tip: Look at it from the first pillar of Proactive Operations – Strategy – if you want to take immediate action, which is what we suggest! More on that below.)

What’s happening throughout your operation?

  • Good stuff?
  • Bad stuff?

What’s keeping you up at night?!

Your operation and mind are telling you to pay attention.

Don’t ignore it.


We want to help you.

So, let’s put a name to these fears, worries, anxieties, concerns, apprehensions, and angsts you’re having.

Then, work through them with your team to remove, fix, or even just improve them a bit.

You’ve got to recognize what’s hurting your operation before you can make your life easier.

That’s a fact.

Employing Proactive Operations could certainly make it easier.

Let’s do it.

Use the Right ‘Substance’ for Your Operation

Chances are, you’re running things the way you’ve known how for some years now.

Is that a fair statement?

You’re probably doing a phenomenal job at it too.

But, here’s the deficiency.

Something you might’ve missed.

Your experience affords you the knowledge to get things done.

But, what about all of the things you don’t know are being missed throughout your operation?

What if you’re really good at being ‘reactive,’ not ‘proactive?’

Do you have a methodology or proven framework in place to ensure everything is humming and running smoothly?

Is your operation proactive?

If not, don’t sweat it, because there is a lot more to being proactive than many professionals think.

We’ve got you covered.

Keep reading; we’re going to share how Proactive Operations is the right ‘substance’ for you to make your life easier.

Proactive Operations Is What You Need

This methodology is how you’ll save your operation.

And, most importantly, make your life easier.

We’ll take a moment in this article to cover the basics of Proactive Operations, but highly recommend you read everything about it here.

Proactive Operations is a methodology by which property operations utilize the following pillars to achieve maximum performance.

  • Strategy
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology

With Proactive Operations, your team can manage everything that occurs to ensure a safe and memorable experience for your customers.

Unlike reactive operations, Proactive Operations provides you a disciplined framework for streamlining processes, resources, personnel, information, and communication.

By continuously examining, improving, and optimizing your operation, you program your ability to manage everything 24/7 365 – proactively.

Remove inefficiencies that slow down or cripple your operation, and you’ll now have the advantage of maximizing your performance, creating memories, and keeping your customers coming back to your property day after day.

How does that sound?

Over to You

Isolating and then fixing inefficiencies in your operation is not a responsibility to take lightly, nor an easy one. You’ve got to focus on keeping your customers safe as well as ensuring the longevity of your organization.

But to do that, you’ve got to recognize your current “illness,” or you won’t be able to advance. By using Proactive Operations, you can address these shortcomings while using a proven methodology.

So, are you ready to make your life easier for years to come?

Learn how to employ Proactive Operations using strategy, infrastructure & technology.

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