Proactive Operations Can Reach New Heights like Virgin Galactic

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Aug 2, 2018 7:00:00 AM

“Pilots with billionaire Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic company climbed to 170,800 feet — about 32.3 miles — and reached 2.47 times the speed of sound Thursday in the third successful rocket-powered flight of the company's newest spacecraft,” writes James Doubek in their recent NPR article entitled “Virgin Galactic Space Plane Reaches New Heights In Test Flight.”

“The company says the test flight was the first time the plane, named VSS Unity, reached a layer of the atmosphere called the mesosphere, which lies about 31 to 53 miles above the Earth's surface,” explained Doubek.

According to Doubek’s article, “Virgin Galactic, which describes itself as the "world's first commercial spaceline" designed the VSS Unity to carry two pilots and six passengers into space to experience a few minutes of weightlessness.”

“The Unity works by first being carried by the larger VMS Eve aircraft. Both planes reached a height 46,500 feet Thursday before the Unity had a ‘clean release’ and the pilots ‘lit the spaceship's rocket motor, before pulling up into a near vertical climb and powering towards the black sky at 2.47 times the speed of sound,’ according to The Spaceship Co., a subsidiary of Virgin Galactic, writes Doubek.

The NPR piece shared, “After reaching its intended height, the company says the Unity glides down and lands without propulsion. It landed safely at a facility in Mojave, Calif., on Thursday.”

Talk about new heights, right?

Virgin Galactic blew the roof off innovation – and landed safely.

You can’t beat that, which is why we thought it was so critical to talk about in today’s article.

We want you to reach new heights.

And, this story boosts our motivation to do so even more.

3 Galactic Boosters to Achieve Maximum Performance

You’re not overseeing a “spaceline.”

But the premise around reaching new heights is inspiring.


We think it’s a refreshing win for Virgin Galactic that your operation could look to for rewarding insight.

Today, we want to share three galactic boosters you should ignite to support your drive to maximum performance.

Are you ready?




Let’s go!

Strategy starts your ascent

We’re not going to focus on the specifics of each “booster,” so it’s recommended that you read this resource we’ve created on Proactive Operations.

Strategy is the first pillar (“booster”) for building Proactive Operations.

Examine and scrutinize all areas of your operation to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for advancement.

Use the ACDA Principle™ to understand, apply, and continuously improve your Awareness, Communication, Documentation, and Analysis.

Infrastructure ensures your stability when reaching the mesosphere

Infrastructure is the second pillar.

Yours is based on your operational needs.

But, you must have one.

It should include representatives from any functional area where issues or incidents could affect performance and the customer experience.

By investing in the design and development of an infrastructure, you create the opportunity to:

  • Manage agile operations
  • Organize personnel
  • Maintain a streamlined flow of information

Two down and you’re already reaching new heights!

Technology skyrockets your abilities and ensures a safe landing

Technology is pillar three.

Strengthen this final component by implementing software solutions that optimize all three pillars.

It will help skyrocket your performance.

Get the real-time communication and information you deserve, create memorable customer experiences, and reduce your risk.

Deploy a software solution that affords you all three of the following.

  • Industry-Focused
  • Unified Platform
  • Real-Time Communications


You need a solutions provider that offers an industry-focused solution.

Improve and optimize using software tailored to your business needs.

From Corporate to Transportation, find one solution that’s got you covered.

Everything that can happen on your property - each demands a customized approach your provider must be ready to help you take on!

Unified Platform

Technology evolves quickly.

But, there’s one thing we’ve noticed a change in beyond technological advancements.

Operations are changing in strides.

No longer are proactive operations relying on individual tools to manage their properties.

They’re counting on a unified platform to manage every operational function.

Real-Time Communications

The days of sclerotic communication are gone.

Communicating and handling everything on your property must happen in milliseconds.

World-leading architecture lets you engage in confidential two-way communication with customers and staff at the speed-of-type™.

Over to You

We’ve always been advocates of challenging your operation, making moves to push the limits, and taking proven steps to achieve maximum performance in your operation.

Virgin Galactic’s achievement inspired this article, and we hope that you too will work to ascend to new heights.

By employing Proactive Operations, you can use its three “boosters” to push your current threshold and reach the mesosphere of operations success.

So, are you ready?

Learn how to make the not-so-giant leap to Proactive Operations

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