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It’s Happening Here: Get a Live Map of All Your Incidents

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Apr 26, 2018 7:00:00 AM

“Today was the day astronomers said goodbye to the old Milky Way they had known and loved, and said hello to a new view of our home galaxy,” writes Nell Greenfieldboyce in their recent NPR article entitled “You Are Here: Scientists Unveil Precise Map Of More Than A Billion Stars.”

“That's because a European Space Agency mission called Gaia just released a long-awaited treasure trove of data: precise measurements of 1.7 billion stars,” explains Greenfieldboyce.

According to the article, “It's unprecedented for scientists to know the exact brightness, distances, motions and colors of more than a billion stars. It will yield the best three-dimensional map of our galaxy ever.”

Having such a “treasure trove” of data to pinpoint the location of stars – that’s what we call situational awareness!

"This is a very big deal. I've been working on trying to understand the Milky Way and the formation of the Milky Way for a large fraction of my scientific career, and the amount of information this is revealing in some sense is thousands or even hundreds of thousands of times larger than any amount of information we've had previously," said David Hogg, an astrophysicist at New York University and the Flatiron Institute, in Greenfieldboyce’s NPR piece.

"We're really talking about an immense change to our knowledge about the Milky Way," Hogg continues in the article.

“The Gaia spacecraft launched in 2013 and is orbiting our sun, about a million miles away from Earth. Although it's surveyed a huge number of stars, Gaia is charting only about 1 percent of what's out there. The Milky Way contains around 100 billion stars,” Greenfieldboyce shares.

That’s a few more stars than incidents you have on your property.

But, it brings up an important topic we’d like to discuss today.

One that we believe you’ll get immediate value from by leveraging the solution we share in this article.

Situational awareness’ is a critical part of your job.


But, it can often slip through the cracks because of all the other responsibilities your team is charged with managing.

New ideas, process, or technology for improving your awareness of incidents on your property might get overlooked.

Not today.

Keep reading; we’re going to share a solution proactive operations are using to get the “revealing” information needed to manage your property’s incidents in real time.

Managing Your “1.7 Billion Stars”

Situational awareness is more than incident management.

But, for the purposes of today’s article, that’s what we’re focused on working through.


How effective would you venture to say your situational awareness is when it comes to incidents?

Let’s talk through it for a moment.

  • How are your customers and staff communicating incidents?
  • Are you confident that you’re finding out about all incidents taking place? (What about the incidents you don’t even know about?)
  • Do you have an operations center in place to coordinate everything occurring on your property?
  • Is a platform used to capture, track, and manage these incidents?
  • Does your platform offer you advanced capabilities to get a full perspective of all incidents taking place and where they’re happening?

It’s vital to your operation to know what’s happening and where it’s happening – regardless of the number of incidents.


That’s why you need to get your own “Gaia spacecraft” that gives you a treasure trove of information on the incidents occurring on your property in real time.

Keep reading; we’ve got your solution.

Live Mapping Software Upgrades Situational Awareness

Live mapping software offers excellent situational awareness by plotting all your incidents on a map of your property.

Look at it on your computer or have on the big screen in your operations center.

Either way, know at a glance what is happening and where it is happening.

Place your staff where you need them when you need them. That’s Proactive Operations.

Get a bird's-eye view of your property with the benefit of:

  • Filtering
  • Quick Access to All Details
  • Color-Coded Statuses


Filter incidents that are shown on the map by department, event markers, incident types or status.

Nothing slips through the cracks.

Quick Access to All Details

Just hover over an incident, and all details about it will display.

Know everything you need to know, in real time, and according to your operational needs.

Color-Coded Statuses

Easily distinguish incidents by color coding to ensure efficient resource allocation and overall management of your property.

Over to You

Situational awareness is vital to keeping your customers safe, happy, and creating lasting memories for years to come.

Live mapping software offers your proactive operation a better way to understand and manage the incidents happening on your property to do just that.

So, do you know what’s happening here?

Find out if your current IMS can do this one thing

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