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Why It's Time to Step up Your Situational Awareness

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How long have you been running your operation?



Would you say you’ve seen it all?

We bet you’ve seen a lot.

But, what about the issues or incidents you haven’t seen?

You’re probably saying to yourself: “What are they talking about?”

We’re talking about the things that have occurred under your watch – that you didn’t even know were happening.

The things that “slip through the cracks” without any warning or heads up.

The unfortunate news is that you couldn’t know what your team is missing.


You don’t know what you don’t know! And, we bet you’d agree with that.

Have you acknowledged this deficiency in your operation? What have you done to counter this big problem?

It’s got to be overwhelming – we can feel your anxiety and the ongoing stress. It has got to be crippling your ability to be a proactive leader.

You need a change, fast.

It’s time for you to step up your situational awareness, so nothing gets past you and your team.

Are you ready?


Let’s do an awareness check on your operation.

Take a moment to think about all the processes, personnel and departments, and technology you have in place.

Gather all the data you can – find your existing data wherever it is to make this exercise most effective – and consider your current awareness level.

How would you rate your operation’s situational awareness on a scale of 1-10?

Warning: the following insight might scare you a bit. We will help you get through it.

Let’s say you rated your operation at a seven.

Well, that’s what your rating is based on the issues and incidents you know.


  • What about everything you missed or didn’t even know?
  • What about that customer who is never coming back because they just decided your property just wasn’t for them anymore?

We get it; this is a hard pill to swallow.

But, it happens, and if you don’t know what’s happening on your property and throughout your operation, you can’t manage it.

You can’t manage it either if you don’t have the right processes and technology deployed.

Maybe your seven is only a five then, right?

We’ve got to change that.

Keep reading; we’re going to share some ‘tech of the trade’ with you to augment your awareness of what’s happening on your watch.


Think about your operation in its current state.

What do you think you’re missing or need to improve your augmented awareness?

  • Issues and incidents that occur without you knowing
  • Resource utilization
  • Location of existing problems and incidents, and their status
  • Employees not following protocol
  • Customers witnessing a criminal act or conducting one

We’ve listed a few above to get you thinking, but we don’t know everything – you’ve got to do some investigating.

But, we can say this: technology can help you improve your awareness of all things happening on your property as they’re happening!

Three solutions alone can bring your situational awareness to a level you’re comfortable with from the start.

  1. Text Communication
  2. Incident Management System
  3. Live Mapping Software

These three solutions used by proactive operations will give you a boost in awareness, starting on day one of deployment.

Let us explain.

Because of prominently displayed text communication signage, your customer sees a group of people stealing from your property.

They can’t make out whether the offenders are your staff or customers too. But, that doesn’t matter because they’re able to communicate with your operation discretely so you can mitigate the situation while it’s happening.

Simultaneously, there is a wet spill identified in another location and also a report of an older adult experiencing chest pains in another area.

Your team maximizes their performance by managing all of these incidents within an incident management system.

The report of the theft, wet spill, and medical situation are communicated via text message, initially.

But, because you’re using a platform where all software modules talk to one another, the incidents are recorded and managed by the incident management system without delay.

Your team handles everything because they know everything that occurs.

While your team is proactive in keeping your property safe, you can actively manage your resources via your live mapping software.

This solution gives you that bird’s-eye view of where issues and incidents are occurring and what the color-coded status is.

It’s a game-changer for operations leaders.

Now, your situational awareness is Proactive Operations level – that’s off the scale!


Situational awareness is critical to keeping your property running smoothly and everyone safe. It’s also an excellent representation of Proactive Operations.

One thing we’ve learned from working with hundreds of operations leaders is the need for heightened awareness. We want you to have confidence and full control of what takes place on your property. Technology is what you need to have both.

So, are you ready to step it up?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in February 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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