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How World Cup-Worthy Properties Employ Proactive Operations

| June 14, 2018 | By

“The 2026 FIFA World Cup will be held in the U.S., Mexico and Canada, with a united bid from North America winning the right to host soccer's showcase event, the sport's world governing body decided on Wednesday,” writes Bill Chappell in their recent NPR article entitled “U.S., Mexico And Canada Win Bid To Host 2026 World Cup.”

According to Chappell’s article, “The united bid was selected over a competing bid from Morocco, in a vote among some 203 FIFA members that was held in Moscow on the eve of the 2018 World Cup, hosted by Russia. The tally was 134 votes for the united bid and 65 votes for Morocco.”

"Thank you so, so very much for this incredible honor,’ Carlos Cordeiro, president of the U.S. soccer federation, said after the vote was taken. ‘Thank you for entrusting us with this privilege," Cordeiro says in the piece.

How incredible of an honor to receive a World Cup bid, right?

And what a significant responsibility too.

We’re curious how properties with a bid to host matches will perform.

Could your property handle a World Cup-worthy day or event?

We couldn’t think of a better day to discuss how we believe World Cup-worthy properties would manage an experience of this magnitude than today – the first day of the 2018 World Cup!

Do you agree?

We’re excited here at 24/7 Software for the first kick-off. The World Cup is always exciting to watch.

But, what if you won a bid to host a match in, let’s say, 2026 – how would your property get ready?

Not sure?

We’ve got a method for you.

Proactive Operations Win the World Cup

Over the years, we’ve identified what makes the world’s greatest properties so great.

It’s their combination of strategy, infrastructure, and technology. It’s how they employ Proactive Operations.

And how your property becomes World Cup-worthy.

So, you might be wondering:

“What do I have to do to win the World Cup and how?”

We’ve got you covered with the three pillars of Proactive Operations.

  1. Develop your Strategy, which is also the time you’d use our renowned ACDA Principle™
  2. Build your infrastructure
  3. Tap into technology

You’ll need further explanation.

Please don’t go anywhere or start watching the Russia vs. Saudi Arabia match first.

Let’s start with your Strategy and go from there.


Strategy is the first pillar for building Proactive Operations.

Examine and scrutinize all areas of your operation to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for advancement.

Use the ACDA Principle™ to understand, apply, and continuously improve your:

  • Awareness
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Analysis

Learn everything about the Principle here.


Infrastructure is the second pillar.

Yours is based on your operational needs.

But, you must have one.

It should include representatives from any functional area where issues or incidents could affect performance and the customer experience.

By investing in the design and development of an infrastructure, you create the opportunity to manage agile operations and organized personnel while maintaining a streamlined flow of information.

Those are key to becoming a World Cup-worthy property.

You’ll want to remember these.

  • Agile Operations
  • Organized Personnel
  • Streamlined Information Flow


Technology is pillar three – and where you need to find an expert solutions provider.

We’re ready for your achievement of Proactive Operations.

Are you?

Then, strengthen this final component by implementing software solutions that optimize all three pillars.

It will help skyrocket your performance beyond World Cup worthiness.

Get the real-time communication and information you deserve, create memorable customer experiences, and reduce your risk – in 2018 and 2026!

Over to You

Capturing a World Cup bid to host the event, or any matches is a great achievement and undertaking. Your property needs the three pillars of Proactive Operations.

With Proactive Operations, your organization can manage everything that occurs to ensure a safe and memorable experience for your customers, whether you’re hosting the World Cup or not.

Learn how to employ Proactive Operations using strategy, infrastructure & technology.

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