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How to Never Stop Improving Your Operation (Even at 94)

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“Building a better battery is the holy grail for people who want better technology. Now researchers at the University of Texas, Austin say they may have found that battery — or something close. But their claims have sparked controversy,” writes Moshe Buchele in their latest NPR article entitled “At 94, Lithium-Ion Pioneer Eyes A New Longer-Lasting Battery.”

A little controversy is expected when you’re challenging the status quo.

We’d also argue that it applies to every industry. Agree?

Buchele continues that “at the center of this debate is a towering figure in the world of science – John Goodenough, who teaches material science at the university.”

So, how does Goodenough play a role in this improvement?

According to the NPR article, “In 1980, his work led to the invention of the lithium-ion battery — now crucial to powering everything from cellphones and laptops to electric cars. For a lot of people, that would probably be enough. But at 94 years old, he's still at it.”

You read correctly. He’s 94 years old and still changing the world.

“Now, Goodenough and his team say they've created a new battery that may store up to five times more power than current ones. And, even better, such a battery would charge and recharge in a matter of minutes — all without exploding,” explains Buchele.

Goodenough’s team’s new invention could change the way we power everything, from how, to how long.

Accomplish a feat like this and anything is possible. The results would be exponential and influence innovation across all industries.

"If we can really lower the price of these batteries, there's so much you can do with it," Goodenough states in the NPR piece.

Can you imagine the ever-lasting performance generated?

According to Buchele, “Such batteries could store renewable energy to power homes, boats, drones – and be used to make cheaper electric cars with a longer range.”

"You can name it," Goodenough says in the article. "I mean there's just so many things, so it should make a big revolution."

A revolution? We’re in.

Even at 94, John Goodenough is pursuing invention to build a longer-lasting battery.

Challenging the status quo and pushing the improvement of existing methods and technology should be your purpose too.

You can do it – for your operation.

Proactive Operations Is Longer-Lasting

We understand the controversy generated from innovation. It’s par for the course.

But, it’s necessary when challenging the status quo.

Accepting skepticism allows you to identify the concerns of others in your field and throughout the industry.

Then, you have the opportunity to address those concerns and prove to your peers that what you’re doing is not only relevant to them – but that it can work for them too.

We’ve found that with Proactive Operations. (New to Proactive Operations? You’ve got to read this article here. It’s a must!)

It’s a newer methodology for operations at only a couple years old. But, its foundation was the result of understanding existing processes and their weaknesses.

We said, “Operations appear to be running at different wavelengths. What if we could find a methodology that helps all operations maximize their performance and talk about it using a common language?”

We believe we could, and so we did.

If we asked you this question, how would you answer?

  • “What do you do to ensure everything in your operation is not only running smoothly, but you have the discipline to find process flaws, improve them, and optimize every aspect proactively?”

You might not have an answer, or you might give a list of various techniques, processes, or tools you use.

It would probably be a little vague and ambiguous, even to your liking. Agree?

Proactive Operations alleviates your stress and ongoing frustrations. It replaces them with peace of mind.

You’ll have a methodology to apply, talk about with colleagues, and ensure your operation is always improving.

That’s what makes this tactic longer-lasting.

It’s not a system that you set and forget. But, once you have it in place, it’s 100 times easier to manage and optimize.


Because you already know how to utilize essential guidelines to address your:

  1. Strategy
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Technology

You can’t stop at this either.

You’ve got to practice faster and better. It’s the only way to stay innovative, agile, and ahead of everything working against you.

Real-Life Experimentation Breeds Expertise

After employing the ‘longer-lasting approach’ to operations, test your theories, inventions, and reevaluate your issues & incidents beyond tabletop exercises.

Yes, tabletop exercises are a standard throughout the industry. But, how effective are they?

We’d contend not as useful as you believe.

We challenge you to push your organization further. Address the things that surface while leading a proactive operation.

Role-play. Role-play. Role-play.

Get out of the office, and use your property to practice what it’s there for and to help:

  • Protect your customers and staff
  • Eradicate your threats
  • Increase your liability protection

Get everyone in gear. Literally.

Bring those tabletop exercises to real life (with real people) and role-play live scenarios on your property.

Your employees – in all departments – need to feel the stress and sweat a bit knowing that it will happen to your property.

Real-life role-playing supplements tabletop exercises by:

  • Creating accountability
  • Making your team feel valued
  • Challenging staff to improve
  • Building team confidence to perform
  • Producing additional solutions to various complex scenarios
  • Increasing awareness of what’s happening on your property
  • Increasing productivity
  • Confirming your abilities as a Proactive leader

Put everyone and everything to the test, and you’ll never stop improving your (longer-lasting) operation – even at 94.

Over to You

Goodenough’s thirst for perfecting innovation from the 80’s will probably never cease. He laughs at the critics because he trusts his methods and his team tests their advancements incessantly.

You must do the same.

Fight the status quo, employ Proactive Operations, and entrust real-life experimentation to create a longer-lasting operation that thrives even after you.

So, what will you do never to stop improving your operation?

Learn how to make the not-so-giant leap to Proactive Operations

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