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Amazon Buys Ring, Validates an Important Thing You Need to Know

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Mar 1, 2018 7:00:00 AM

“Amazon really wants to come over to your house. Or at least make it to the front door,” writes Vanessa Romo in their recent NPR article entitled “Amazon Acquires Ring, Expanding Reach Into Home Security.”

According to Romo, “The Seattle-based tech giant announced Tuesday it's made another move into the home security and surveillance business, acquiring Ring, a smart-doorbell maker that streams audio and video to cellphones.”

“Neither company has released details about the deal but Reuters reported that it cost over $1 billion,” writes Romo.

The NPR piece continues that, “Amazon may have just officially put a ring on Ring, but the relationship between the two started through its Alexa Fund, which funnels money into companies that create new ways to integrate Amazon's voice technology into their products. In June, Ring announced they'd figured out how to connect select devices to work with Alexa on Echo Show and Fire TV.”

Do you see Amazon’s strategy here?

Yes, it’s probably “world domination.” (Just kidding)

But, that’s not what we’re referring to here.

We’ve recognized a grand strategy from Amazon’s acquisition that validates a point we’ve been talking about a lot lately.

So, do you see it?

It’s the push towards platform technology!

They’ve recognized a space that needs a platform (where everything talks to one another) to maximize the capabilities of their customers.

This play hit home for us.

Why? It’s literally written in our mission statement here.

We want to provide our customers with a platform that does a whole lot to help them achieve Proactive Operations.

Today, Amazon proved to us more than ever the value (and long-term importance) of this effort to bring a platform to our customers – and most important – their customers!

Are you using a platform to maximize your performance?

If not, we’ve got to change that starting today.

Amazon Demonstrates the Power of a Platform

Amazon validated one fundamental concept to us: using a platform is future.

Not just for your home either.

We’ve been promoting this point for a while now.

Your property needs a platform – a unified solution – not individual tools.

Individual tools don’t talk to one another or give you the full power to take control of your operation and the ability to keep your customers safe at all times.

A platform brings together every aspect of your operation. It puts you in charge.

You’re not at the mercy of several companies with varying performance abilities.

It’s the opposite when using world-leading platform provider.

It’s very much like Amazon’s move to home security too.

Amazon knows the value of having all of your home security technology under one company that’s focused on delivering top-notch capabilities and service.

We provide a real-time communications platform to many different industries, so we understand the importance 100%.

It’s critical for you. Period.

We only want you to be successful.

That’s why we believe there is no better time than now for your property to utilize a platform to manage all areas of your operation, from administering incidents in real time to preventing maintenance issues to getting lost items back to customers in a timely manner.

You must unify your efforts.


Unify Your Efforts

Here’s the problem with using various “solutions” to run your operation.

  • Use of legacy software limits you
  • Managing too many tools prevent seamlessness
  • Discrepancies with information diminish data integrity
  • Unaligned teams lead to substantial communication issues
  • Poor communication puts everyone on a different wavelength

These are only the beginning, and probably the only problems you know exist.

What about the ones you have no idea exist?

Chances are, there are more!

Scary, right?

You must move to a platform that allows you to manage your property operations like a proactive operation.

It’s a frank statement, but it’s true.

You get three critical benefits when you do:

  1. Related aspects of the platform will talk to one another allowing your team to streamline real-time communications and management of everything
  2. Associated records are linked, so all documentation is accurate; nothing slips through the cracks, and you reduce your liability
  3. Your customers come and go with the utmost confidence that they are safe because your team knows what they’re doing

While these benefits are critical, the positive results of moving to a platform are quite close to endless.

You can quickly achieve Proactive Operations once a real-time communications platform is in place on your property.

That’s why you can’t waste any more time!

(If you want to conduct in-depth research to get a better grasp on the value of using a unified solution, you’ll love this article here.)

Over to You

We’re excited about Amazon’s acquisition of Ring because it tells us that Amazon recognizes the power of platform technology.

We could not agree more.

Technology is moving fast. It’s no longer about using the newest ‘software’ to run your property. It’s only about deploying a real-time communications platform to maximize your performance. Where do you stand?

Your customers are important to you, so it’s imperative to provide them will value that allows for real-time communication of their needs while delivering a safe and memorable experience every time they’re on your property.

If that’s not enough validation for using a platform, then we wouldn’t know what would be.

Learn how to employ Proactive Operations using strategy, infrastructure & technology.

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