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8 Ingredients for a High-Performing CMMS [Infographic]

| April 5, 2016 | By

Discussing CMMS software is a sensitive subject for facility managers. We know this because we built one and talk about it to a lot of facility managers.

How cumbersome these systems are is indeed terrifying to most. From the amount of time it takes to learn the system to the uploading of vendor, equipment, and material information – many legacy systems could take months to become operational.

You do not have time for that, do you? Yes, your solution needs to robust, but it also needs to be simple.

We get it; there is a lot of time that goes into turning on your first system or moving to a new one. However, once that transition is over, using and maintaining the software must be a breeze for you, your engineers and technicians.

You need a system that affords you the ability to set it up and maximize your team’s efficiency without unnecessary headaches.

You need a high-performing CMMS.

To help you understand the eight ingredients of a high-performing CMMS, we’ve created an infographic. The infographic will outline the functionality present in pioneering solutions, that way you know what to look for in your next piece of software or to compare how your current system matches up.

8 Ingredients for a High Performing CMMS


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Over to You

Implementing a CMMS is an essential part of making sure your facility looks good and runs smoothly. Take the time to review and select one that will turn your maintenance into high performing.

So, will you be implementing a maintenance solution like this for your facility? Or, do you plan on saying sayonara to your legacy system so you can move to a cutting-edge solution?

The choice is yours. However you choose, it should be soon.