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5 Must-Know Career Lessons from George Halas for Driven Event Managers

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Known for being a forerunner of the Triple T offense that lead his “Monsters of Midway” to a 73-0 NFL Championship Game win over the Washington Redskins in 1940, George “Papa Bear” Halas was the father of the NFL.

He was an innovator, owner and leader, and there’s no question Halas was a winner. Understanding the greatness that is George Halas is easy. What truly shows the magnitude of his influence is the lasting legacy he left behind for the Chicago Bears, the NFL and event managers.

Whether you’re a veteran or marveling at the possibility of becoming an event manager – take it from us – we can all learn a few straightforward career lessons from the late George Halas.

But first, check out some facts about Papa Bear you might find quite fascinating…

According to the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame, George Halas is the only person that contributed to the NFL's first 50 years of history. If that’s not legendary enough already…we don’t know what is.

Halas moved the Decatur Staleys from Decatur, Illinois to Chicago in 1921 where he renamed them the Chicago Bears as a tribute to the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs allowed the Bears to play their first games at Wrigley Field.

Not only was he ranked as a legendary NFL coach, he was an athlete. As a skilled competitor himself, playing for the New York Yankees before a career-ending injury, he understood the importance of supporting his fellow athletes and building a legacy. He owned the team, coached the team and sold tickets for each game, before the games.

During his 40 years coaching the Chicago Bears from 1920 – 1967, he won six titles and over 300 games – 318 to be precise. He also had a winning percentage of .682 for all you event managers who like statistics! You know we do.

Papa Bear’s Lessons for Event Managers

"Very simply, George Halas is the father of the NFL, no matter how you cut it. He persevered in bad times and made pro football where it is today with the first television contracts, robbing Peter to pay Paul in the beginning.” - Mike Ditka

He was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963, and after passing away in 1983 at the age of 88 he left behind these five simple but powerful career lessons all event professionals should know – and apply.

Have a purpose.

Many people flounder about in life because they do not have a purpose, an objective toward which to work.

Enjoy what you do.

Nothing is work unless you'd rather be doing something else.

Work harder.

Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.

Practice and role-play for event day.

Don't do anything in practice that you wouldn't do in the game.


“You can achieve only that which you will do.”

Whether you’re already moving full force this season or you have guests visiting your venue on a daily basis, we’re sure there are takeaways here from George Halas for you to apply to your professional development immediately.

“If you live long enough, lots of nice things happen.” – George Halas

Now it’s up to you to follow your purpose, work hard, and then see “lots of nice things happen.”

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