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4 Ways for Stadium Managers to Start a Legacy in 2015

| January 1, 2015 | By

Welcome to 2015!

The New Year is a natural time for new resolutions – the act of determining new behaviors in order to achieve a desired result.

As we reflected about what we accomplished, and didn’t accomplish in 2014, we began mapping out our 2015 resolutions.

This exercise led us to question our legacy. What can we do for our industry? For stadium managers? How can we dig in, work harder, teach more, learn more? What do we need to do today to make sure that we leave something relevant and important behind?

Whether it’s something received from a predecessor or from the past, a legacy can be the long-term result of positive change and well-managed execution. But what this definition doesn’t tell you is the effect of a legacy.

What’s your legacy as a stadium manager? Are you striving to create a lasting brand that will carry on with your staff for a lifetime?

Do you know where to start? Are you overwhelmed with responsibility? Don’t worry. Let us help you take on the New Year and start your legacy the right way – your way.

We’ve identified four concepts for you to follow starting this year. Follow them with purpose during your career as a stadium manager and you’ll achieve peace of mind in knowing your legacy will carry on.

Check out our 4 quick tips in the presentation below for stadium managers on starting a legacy in 2015. They’re the four aspects of efficient, effective, safe, and secure events allowing you to leave a legacy that lasts. Happy New Year!