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Event Managers Don't Fear the Reaper; They Fear Change

, | October 13, 2020 | By

Let's talk about the elephant in the room.

We hear it all the time.

Event managers don't say it outright.

But they fear change.

Many would advise you to "keep looking and looking…and researching before you make your business decision."

Taking this advice means 'don't do anything,' and staying with the status quo.


Bad idea.

It's time for change.

And what's this issue with contesting the status quo anyway?

Why does the fear of change even exist?

More importantly, how do we help event managers get over it?

We want to contribute to your revival.

Say, how about we get to the source of your resistance?

An Event Manager's fight against the evils of the status quo

One day everything will be well, that is our hope. Everything's fine today, that is our illusion" ― Voltaire

You fear changing your operational process.

You fear choosing your first operations management software.

You fear 'changing' your current software.

You fear migration.

We fear flying monkeys.

We get it.

But why?

Let's be the 'change agents' and nip the status quo in the bud – now.

And to tell you the truth (we're honest people), there's nothing wrong with fear.

Don't let it paralyze you, though.

We wouldn't consider it effective leadership.

We're here to examine it with you.

We're in this together…all of us.

Let's solve the intricate chess game known as the status quo (and become World Champion contenders).

If you're an event manager, you're probably working long hours.

This leads to less time with family, less hair (a few of us resemble this), high blood pressure, and falling asleep at your desk.

We've said it before.

Doing this over and over, you'll get the same result.

It's time.

Contest the status quo.

Face your fear of change.

Embrace innovation and operational AWESOMENESS.

High five!

Cowardly Lion Says, "Put 'em up!" We say, "don't fight it."

You don't have time to be a cowardly lion.

Embrace the change – don't fight it!

We'll show you how to get through it.

As an event manager, do you get chest pains when your team talks about changing 'the way things are?'

We can imagine the anxiety you experience.

Choosing your first or next operations management solution might be like deciding what to eat on Thanksgiving (we want it all).

Finding vendors, interviewing them, scheduling and previewing demonstrations of their system, and then decide.

What a darn nightmare, right?

On top of it, now implement it.

Say what? (I quit.)

The pressure is on.

Don't fret.

It's normal.

You can get past this.

We can get past it.

A cool thing about change is innovation.

You'll no longer be missing out on the benefits of enhancing your operation.

You'll get to weigh in on the flashy tech the 21st century has to offer you.

How's that for hip?

The unsettling task of changing the way you do things also comes with rewards that benefit your performance.

Whether you're purchasing your first software solution, migrating to a new one, freaking out about implementation, or you're presently a rebel, we'll get you down the yellow brick road.

Build the Bridge, Overcome It and Prepare for the Bumpy Road Ahead

Don't purse your lips.

It's time to make nifty decisions.

Move your team in the right direction.

Stop resisting change.

Face it.

Embrace it.

(Snuggle with it if you have to.)

It might be like learning to ride a bike.

So we're here to give you an extra hand.

Lift the kickstand.

Put your feet on the pedals.

Start moving forward.

Five Sure-Fire Ways to See Change

Perhaps you're all about the change.

You're over the status quo.

But you need to nudge everyone else in the reputed direction.

You can do it.

Here's how we prod: these five sure-fire ways to see effective change.

In order of importance, these will help you 'get through it.' (It's not so dramatic, really.)

  1. Build from the bottom up. Top-down decision making doesn't exist anymore. You and your team are the influencers. Take note of this. You must see yourself as an expert. Because now you'll have the confidence to propose changes and push them thru with efficacy.
  2. To get buy-in, have a plan. Take into account all the concerns of your teammates (and stakeholders) involved. Have a contingency of what may come. Once the going gets tough, people turn (not into werewolves, against you… don't freak out werewolves aren't real). Get all the operational, financial, and departmental bases covered. A plan will make 'Regression' (we'll get to this) a whole lot easier for you.
  3. Minimize your risk to minimize resistance. As the questions important to your operation. How will this affect us? What drawbacks will we face during our transition? What are our concerns for transitioning away from our current systems or processes? What concerns have been addressed and resolved already by our vendor? What form of support do we expect from our vendor? Address the questions, reduce your risk, and experience successful change – that's contagious.
  4. Analyze your success (and celebrate it). We press this subject often. Well, because it's important. Hard data shows the results of change. Track and use your statistics to see where you were. And now see where you are. Did you experience immediate results after your CHANGE? Measure your results to prove your abilities as an effective event manager. Financially and operationally speaking…the execs will love it!
  5. Get feedback from stakeholders. Who's here to party? We are. So is your team. They're the ones installing, integrating, implementing, testing, training, and using your new system or process. See what they think about it. Don't just hear their thoughts. LISTEN to them. Use the feedback. Take over the world. Prepare and deliver legendary events.

The road to liberation isn't an easy one, we understand.

However, it's achievable with some structure.

And as long as your purpose is clear – you're already making the change.

We're Off to See the Wizard

With purpose in mind, grab Toto and start clicking your red heels.

It's time to refute lousy advice and make positive changes.

The kind that gives your boss butterflies when they see you (platonic butterflies).

Don't know what to expect?

Don't stress it.

Here are four phases you'll go through.

Anticipation of your achievement

This is where you'll recognize the changes you're making.

The anticipation will excite you because you've made a decision.

You know the benefits are coming.

And now you're making big plans to transform your operation.

Regression is inevitable, not long-term

This part is bound to happen.

When it rains, it pours.

Everything that can go wrong will.

(Murphy's Law…blah-blah-blah) Yes, everything will get worse before it gets better.

But you'll get through it.

Build a support [your vendor] system.

Put everyone on the bus and keep moving in the direction of the Wizard.

Don't get stuck here!


Your Breakthrough moment

Put the most challenging part behind you and your team.

Reap the benefits. (Muahahaha!)

Everything is coming together here.

You've implemented, migrated, and love the Kool-Aid.

We have ignition! Liftoff!

Consolidate the benefits and make it routine

Close your eyes.

Now, do you see the benefits of change?

(We know you can't see anything.)

This is exciting stuff.

Rather than embracing change – you get to embrace the benefits and make them your new and improved "status quo."

Turn your benefits into business as usual…with a smile, more hair, and normal blood pressure.

Over to You

Hey, you did it! You refuted and won.

Good for you. Don't stop here. Continue to face your fear of change. Manage it. Stay disciplined and embrace change.

Change the world! Or start with your operation.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in July 2014 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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