Facility Managers Don’t Need CMMS Software Reviews Anymore

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Feb 17, 2015 7:45:00 AM

CMMS software reviews can lead to dangerous decision making for facility managers.

Many will tell you to keep looking at reviews and researching before you make a firm business decision.

Taking this advice could mean sticking to the status quo and passing up a better fit.

We often see this in practice. Facility managers will never say openly – they fear change – starting with how they make decisions.

It’s time to change. Today’s article focuses on giving you tools that allow you to change your decision-making process.

How many CMMS software reviews does it take?

Are you nervous about making the final decision on your next maintenance software? You certainly don’t want to make the wrong choice and go through a huge amount of hassle and money for nothing.

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of information flooding the internet? We understand.

There’s nothing wrong with doing your due diligence. It’s a smart first step, but don’t let it paralyze you. Overanalyzing is a poor quality of effective leadership (and decision making).

When you remove the complexities of decision making, you make the buying process an easy one.

A seamless buying process inclusive of less steps, less software reviews and more valuable info to use makes your buying decision better.

It’s time to stop reviewing CMMS software reviews over and over, and start making smart, constructive decisions for your facility.

Facility Managers Need Referrals, Not Reviews

Choosing your first or next maintenance solution is an arduous pursuit. You’ll need to:

  1. Find “reliable” software review sites listing “reputable” solution providers.
  2. Filter through the plethora of reviews from businesses.
  3. Determine which reviews are from organizations remotely similar to your industry and business needs.
  4. Read shortsighted reviews from organizations you’ve probably never heard of.
  5. Hope they’re reliable.

That works, right? Wrong.

You’re a professional. You don’t have time to sift through review after review. You need to quickly find qualified solution providers.

You need qualified software providers with a successful track record and referrals – ones within your industry, and with similar business needs.

Moving to this method simplifies your selection process.

  1. Interview the vendor verifying that they’re an operational fit.
  2. Schedule and preview a demonstration of their system.
  3. Contact referrals from similar organizations within your industry already successfully using the solution.
  4. Make a decision.

When you rely on evidence from industry peers, the unsettling responsibilities associated with changing how you make important decisions begin to diminish. If they're using a solution and it's performing successfully for them, and them and them…well, you get the point.

(Click here to for the 8 questions you need answered yes when choosing your maintenance software.)

Be an Advocate for Change

You’ve made your decision to change, to progress. You’re over the need for outdated, unusable software reviews and onto real-time, viable referrals.

OK. Now what?

Maybe you need an extra push to move your facility from an outdated cost center to a newly reformed profit center. Leverage your newfound referral system to get everyone committed.

Build from the bottom up.

Top down decision making doesn’t exist anymore. You and your team are the influencers at your facility. And it’s crucial that you become the expert. Have the confidence to propose changes and ensure all actions move forward.

Have a plan.

Take into account all the concerns of your team. Have a contingency plan. Make sure all operational, financial and departmental bases are covered. A plan will prevent failure when implementation of your new system begins. A good software provider will be able to assist you with the implementation planning.

Minimize your risk and you’ll minimize any resistance.

Be sure to ask the questions important to your operation.

How will this move affect us? What shortcomings could we face during our transition? What advice did each referral give us about transitioning with this solution provider? (Pro tip: You want a solution provider willing to offer up a long list of eager referrals. More referrals means more successful use cases.)

Address these questions, reduce your risk and be successful.

Get feedback from your team.

You rely on your team to implement, test and train using your new system. Mold them into great referral sources for the next organization that needs advising. Get their thoughts on the effectiveness of your new system. Then, take the time to actually listen.

Analyze your success.

Data will show the results of your progress. Track and use your statistics to see where you were and where your operation is with the new system.

Did you experience immediate results? Were these results expected? We’d bet your expectations were more on target after speaking to referrals, rather than relying on software reviews you’ve read on the internet.

Measure your results to prove your decision making abilities as a facility manager. It’ll also make you a credible referral source to your peers.

Over to You

Your industry talks. You should listen.

Why rely on shortsighted, outdated "reviews" when the most reliable reviews are a phone call or email away?

Changing how you make decisions can be difficult, we understand. But it’s achievable when you have a clear purpose and a little help from your friends.

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