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#1 Solution for Effectively Delivering on Customer Requests

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Aug 26, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Request tracking software is beneficial for any operation that needs to manage customer requests effectively.

Your customers will always need and want things – so you need to be ready to deliver with first-class professionalism.

You might already have a respectable handle on your customers’ requests.

You might even have a system in place that helps you exceed customer expectations with ease.

We’d say that’s excellent news!

But you can always improve.

If you believe you can use a little boost in the customer services arena, we’re going to show you how request tracking software can help you effectively deliver on customer requests.

It’ll let you keep track of and manage requests; that way, everyone can experience peace of mind at your property.

Trust us; this is the best way to look good while taking care of business.


Your industry doesn’t matter because request tracker software can provide any operation with immeasurable value.

How are you currently keeping track of and handling customer requests?

Your customers need stuff.

They’ll always need something.

You must have a way to keep track of these requests.

So, you can look good.

Also, so you can make your customers feel confident in your ability to always provide superior customer service.

Your customers need stuff.

They need this; they need that.

They need food, or a car, or a taxi.

They need peace of mind.

Whatever it is they need, you should be able to efficiently and effectively deliver on their requests.

Now, you’re about to see how you can manage customers' requests using a request tracking solution.

Are you ready?

Let’s keep going.


You can quickly and efficiently handle customers’ requests to keep your customers happy forever without making it more difficult than it needs to be.

Your ability to accomplish this starts today.

Using a request tracking solution within your operation provides you with a couple of advantages – to say the least:

  • You’ll never overlook a customer request again! A significant benefit of implementing this solution. Your customers will love you.
  • Everything will be organized, preventing confusion and missed requests.

Are you aware of the importance of responding effectively, efficiently, and expeditiously to requests?

If so, you should know the weight of implementing a progressive system throughout your organization.

Here’s what you need to know today…

These four ways you and your team can effectively – and professionally – deliver on requests.

1. Maintaining Communication with Your Customer From the Moment They Submit Their Request

When a customer submits a request, immediately send them a confirmation text and then another when your request has been dispatched to staff for completion.

Your ultimate goal is to ensure your customers have peace of mind.

So, you must put processes and a system in place that allows you to accomplish this goal.

When your customers need something, let them know you’re listening and on top of it.

Give them the real-time information they want and need.

Notify them when their requests have been received, dispatched, and completed by sending a text message to them.

It’s a convenience for them, and it shows them that you ensure the details matter.

2. Keeping Your Staff in the Loop Ensures Nothing Slips Through the Cracks

Whether your staff remembers to complete the request or not, send them a reminder for the request, so nothing slips through the cracks.

We said it before, the details always matter.

You must guarantee that nothing slips through the cracks – ever.

A system is useless for managing requests if nothing is being managed.

Would you agree?

Pure and simple, your and everyone’s peace of mind depends on your staff’s ability and willingness to deliver on requests.

Take note; accountability is crucial here because everyone is affected if even one person on your team continues to slip up.

Give your staff the request details in real-time.

By doing this, you ensure that all customers' requests are not only completed but according to your vetted standard operating procedures.

Your system can automatically send reminders for each request to your staff.

Now that’s how you deliver exceptional customer service with maximum efficiency.

3. Organize All Request Types to Better Manage Requests, Identify Needed Resources, Execute Protocols, and Deliver on Customer Requests

You can do a lot with this system.

You can track and manage all sorts of requests and deliver them based on your specific guidelines.

Depending on your property, you’ll experience various requests like these.

  1. Amenity Requests
  2. Food and Beverage Requests
  3. Housekeeping Requests
  4. Suite Requests
  5. Taxi Requests
  6. Transport Requests

There shouldn’t be a request your staff can’t handle.

With your system and the right processes in place, your entire operation will shine.

4. Deliver on Customers' Requests Using First-Class Customer Service Practices

Exceptional service helps strengthen relationships with your customers, which leads to more business and money for your property.

How you deliver on requests determines whether you see your customers again in the future.

Implement a request tracking solution immediately, execute what we’ve outlined in this article, and watch as everyone achieves peace of mind.


To effectively deliver on customers' requests, you need the right solution in place. Prevent their needs from slipping through the cracks by implementing request tracker software today.

So, will you start using a request tracking solution to deliver on customer requests at your property effectively?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in December 2015 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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