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Premier Sports Network are proud to announce a deal with 24/7 Software

| May 13, 2021 | By

24/7 Software, the world’s leading venue operations management software platform provider, will share their expertise with Premier Sports Network as part of a new deal.

A leading firm in delivering operations management software solutions, 24/7 Software has become a global leader in supporting the sports and entertainment industry, working with some of the most well-known stadia and venues with their mission “to provide the world’s most effective proactive operations platform to enhance real-time communications, maximise experience, and reduce risk”.

24/7 Software’s extensive expertise include services such as; incident reporting and management, event security, and real-time communication to maximise efficiency and effectiveness of operations, enhancing the customer experience and reducing risk.

With the services on offer from 24/7 Software as the de facto standard, over 80 percent of North America’s four major sports leagues utilise their solutions, including at major events such as the Super Bowl, College Football Championship Game, World Series, NBA Finals, FIFA tournaments, and the Kentucky Derby.

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