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How Stadium Operations Software increases safety and efficiency

, , | April 22, 2021 | By

ESSMA proudly presents our newest industry report with a focus on stadium operations software. Aiming to inform the stadium industry about the current landscape, elements, and benefits of stadium operations software (SOS), ESSMA organised a survey amongst 29 members and interviewed eight experts to create our Stadium Operations Software Report.

How to define stadium operations software?

In our report you can learn all about real-time awareness, digital documentation, direct communication and more. In order to understand the effect of SOS on these topics, we asked our experts to offer us a definition of stadium operations software. This is what they agreed upon:

“Stadium operations software is a tool that allows you to plan and manage your stadium efficiently. It gives you the right information to know what is happening in real-time and react immediately. A good system helps organisations to manage and more importantly collect data, to learn lessons and subsequently grow as an organisation”

Current use of stadium operations software 

39,3% of stadium operators are currently working with a stadium operations software, while 95% believe that stadium operations software would help them streamline stadium operations.

But why would you integrate stadium operations software in your venue?

Access the full report on ESSMA's website here.