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Why Live Maps are Important for Your Incident Management System View

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Dec 14, 2021 7:00:00 AM

The earliest known maps were first seen on cave walls in 16,500 BC.

These may have been smudged paint on a cave wall, no different than the pinpoints you may see on Google Maps today.

Nevertheless, maps have been important throughout human existence. Some have traveled the seas by astronomical star maps.

They help navigate us to places we want to go, or never thought about going to before.

Maps guide us, as well as teach us about the world we live in, giving us much-needed situational awareness.

Cars are now built with GPS mapping included, to get you to point A to point B. Our 24/7 Software team wanted to give our customers the same type of benefits within a software platform.

Many industries use an Incident Management System to track what is going on in their facility and who is dispatched to what incident. But for the longest time, we only had a Dispatch Queue, list view.

Now, we have added that GPS system to the IMS main vehicle: Introducing Live Mapping Software for Incident Management!

Maps Help the Visual Learner

In the human population, we have three different learner types. These include the kinesthetic learner (5%), the auditory learner (30%), and the visual learner (65%).

The kinesthetic learner learns by performing an action physically, such as moving or role-playing.

The auditory learner learns best through hearing and listening, such as audiobooks.

Then there’s the visual learner, who learns by seeing the content, such as a presentation, a demo, reading, and more.

All of us, at various points in our lives, have learned through each of these methods, but most of the time, there is one learning style that triumphs the rest per individual.

As the visual learner is at 65% of the population, many software products are visually appealing. At 24/7 Software, we knew we had to create a more visual product of the IMS, a live map view - and WOW, does it look impressive!

Being able to visualize either pins or icons on a map, allows users to scan quickly through which incidents are new, open, dispatched, or closed.

Live Mapping is the perfect solution for visual learners of our product to work even faster and more productively. Curious? Read on.

Maps Illustrate Topographic Details

Wouldn’t it be great to visualize your facility or sporting complex on an actual map, like Google Maps?

Well, look no further.

With the 24/7 Software Live Mapping module for the IMS, a user can drag and drop a facility chart directly on Google Maps.

Set the exact location by typing in the name or address of the facility. Easily pan and zoom within the map, to view seating areas, parking lots, tailgating areas, and more.

You can set various seating charts if you have multiple levels in your facility.

You can swap out your facility chart per event, as well. If you have a different seating chart for a concert rather than for a sporting event, this can be easily done in a few clicks.

Similar to driving your vehicle, you’re in the driver’s seat on how you set up your Live Mapping seating charts.

Maps Help You See What is Going on Around You

Like those cave drawings and star charts, we mentioned, no need to decipher what is going on at your facility on this live map!

You can choose to visualize your incidents by icons or Google pins, and through color-coded options.

You can filter your incident pins easily by status, department, or incident type to see what is happening at your facility or convention center.

When someone gets dispatched to take care of an incident, you can see basic details, such as the location, section, reported via, and department.

You can even choose to change the dispatch status of that particular incident, right from the Live Mapping view.

Maps Help You Document Where You’ve Been and Your Next Mission

Incident Management Systems were built to help make customers' lives easier by not only tracking incidents as they occur but reviewing reports afterward to track patterns and solve ongoing issues.

Following each event, you can easily visualize clusters of closed pins in areas on the Live Mapping view, for documentation purposes.

See which departments had to be dispatched to various sections. Perhaps you may need more security personnel in a section if repeated incidents show up in those areas.

Visualizing types of incidents on a map view allows your team to document where they have been, and what they could do differently to solve for in the future.

Mission accomplished.

Over to you

Maps help us stay connected with our world, from traveling to new places and meeting new people. There’s nothing more satisfying than plotting your next adventure.

If 24/7 Software can build an entire system to help get our customers to their destination, or help them reach their goals, then we will. Let us help you work more efficiently.

The Live Mapping solution for IMS is the next module in the 24/7 Software suite, designed to enrich our customers’ needs in various industry verticals, including sports, leisure, and entertainment.

Never stop learning!

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