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Upgrade Your CMMS Using a Moving Mentality

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Dec 15, 2020 7:00:00 AM

We didn't mean to frighten you with the scary four-letter word.

No, not CMMS – MOVE.

Now is the perfect time to nip this fear in the bud, because quite frankly, it’s time to put all your ‘moving’ concerns to rest.

Yes, we realize it can be costly and time-consuming to open Pandora’s Box.

You seem to think that moving to a new CMMS is something that can wait.

Well, we’re here to tell you that the longer you put this off, the more money it costs you.

So while you’re spending all this time and energy living in your inefficient, crowded, and outdated maintenance solution, you could be in action getting into something better – way better.

We get it.

No one likes to move.

But time is up.

No more waiting.

It’s time to upgrade your maintenance software solution.

The Moving Mentality

Moving to new maintenance software is like moving to a new home.

First, you need to identify where you want to move.

What solutions are available?

Second, you need to make sure your new maintenance solution has the value you need.

Will you get migration help, long-term support, and is it easy to learn the system?

Third, you need to buy.


What maintenance software are you moving to now?

What does all this moving entail?

If you've ever moved, you know what we mean.

If not, let us explain.

Moving is a time to reflect – and most importantly – clean out your closet.

It’s time to get rid of the malarkey slowing down your maintenance operation.

It’s time to imagine how extraordinary your life could be if you weren't living in the cumbersome maintenance software you're living in now.

  • Determine which processes, data, and assets are important to you
  • Identify your needs and wants, and then
  • Make your move!

There’s no time for regrets, only forward progress.


Preparing Leads to Proactive Operations

The time has come.

Now we face our four-letter fear.

At this point, the ball is rolling.

If you’re preparing for the move, that means you already chose your maintenance software.

Preparing for the move is the primary concern we hear throughout the industry, and it motivates us to help you overcome this fear.

Our purpose is to provide you with the help that leads to Proactive Operations.

Moving to new maintenance software isn’t as bad as it seems.

But you will want one that helps you streamline operations, manage and inspect your assets, track vendor and warranty information, and schedule preventive maintenance – all in one easy-to-use platform.

So here goes nothing!

It’s Time for Some CMMS Cleaning

We understand you have equipment and materials by the “millions” and a laundry list of vendors to review and possibly truncate.

But look at it this way, the time you put in now will save you money in the long run.

As the facility manager leading the charge, you’ll want to look through your vendors' roster, catalog of materials and equipment, and database with historical work orders and equipment history to identify what can stay.

Go through the motions and determine what to eliminate from your list.

It’s like spring-cleaning!

It’ll also make the transition easier.


You’re reorganizing your life.

You’re taking the time to go through your closet and “trashing” all the outdated work orders, preventive maintenance, and inefficient processes.

The bad habits and processes that required you to spend all your time in the office organizing, reorganizing, and pulling out your hair can stay with your old maintenance software solution.

You’re tired of all that.

You've gone through your “closet.”

It’s time to put in a little extra effort now so you can reap the benefits of your new maintenance solution, both immediately following implementation and long term.

These are the three most essential pieces you need to prepare for the move to your new solution.

The rest is history!

  1. Vendors
  2. Materials
  3. Equipment

We wanted to make a point.

One, two, three, and you’re done.

There's truly nothing more to stress.

It seems simple, right?

It is!

Yes, it does take some extra time for your staff to create the spreadsheets.

But time spent now will be worth it down the road.

(It’s not far either. Trust us).

Your team will realize the value immediately.

You’ll realize it for years to come.

Your boss will love you for it.

Make Your Move and Implement


You’re ready.

It’s time to migrate to your new maintenance solution.


We are!

We’re aware that choosing your maintenance solution was a mission within itself, but implementation is most crucial, or you won’t get the full benefits of your new system.

It’s time to lead your team to efficacy.

We bet you made a wise decision in your maintenance software purchase with a remarkable provider holding your hand through the whole process.

This is where the real value comes in!

Value Wrapped in a Package

You’ll get the most value from a maintenance solution provider that works with you through migration and implementation.

That way, all your questions are answered, and you don’t feel alone.

It’s one thing to open Pandora’s Box.

It’s another to go at it alone.

Don’t go at it alone.

Wait, “how do I start this thing?”

Don’t stress it.

remarkable maintenance solution provider won’t stop at migration.

You’re going to get all the support you need.

They’ll take you through the whole implementation process – deep breaths.

A remarkable provider will take you through an implementation roadmap, and they’ll help you execute.

Something like this.

  1. Pre-Training Consultation: The support team will conduct a Pre-Training Consultation to determine your specific needs for the administrator training.
  2. Initial Administrator Training: The Initial Administrator Training will train your administrator to set up your new system. Many times that’ll be you! You’ll obtain the skills to initiate your panel and make changes as you scale your system. Don’t merely let anyone do it for you. You need to know how to do this so you can make the changes you'll want to make when you want to make them.
  3. System Setup: The System Setup is where your administrator (or you) sets up the maintenance solution panel for your needs. Your maintenance solution is locked in and right-sized to fit your needs. The vendors, materials, and equipment are migrated over, and you’re ready…to start maintaining and fixing stuff! (Less fixing, more maintaining)
  4. System Review: Have the support team do a System Review for you to ensure that it’s set up to your This is where all your set up questions and challenges are addressed.
  5. User Training: Now that the system is set up the way you need it, it’s time for your User Training. All your maintenance solution users [staff] will be trained in operating your new maintenance solution at your facility.
  6. Review/Consultation: You’re so close to going live, you can taste it! But anytime you use something new, you have questions you didn't even know to ask initially. So, this step is far from redundant and essential to implementation success. This is where the support team will answer any questions you have before the go-live date. Double-check that you're all set up exactly the way you need.
  7. The system is live! You're officially unpacked, and all moved in. (Ahhh…)

This is the stage where you know you've found a superior maintenance solution provider.


They’ll take it one step further for you.

It’s time for the System Check.

If they’re remarkable, the support team will review your first live event to determine any challenges you faced – and get them resolved.

The key here is getting them resolved.

That’s value!

Here’s peace of mind: Ongoing Support and Consultation.

If your new maintenance solution provider does this…keep them!

This is how you know they’re dedicated to your success.

They’ll take the time to give you annual checkups, be there to support you and your team as you need, and are there to help you grow into your new maintenance software.

You know, to make sure everything is in excellent order.

(Did we hear your blood pressure drop back to normal?)

The last piece of value in a remarkable maintenance solution package is the ease of use.

A great solution will ‘make it easy’ for your staff to learn and operate the system quickly.

All your staff can spend more time working in the field and less time working on the computer.

You know you’re cozy in your new maintenance software solution when you can click a button and get all kinds of valuable analytical reports.

But that’s a story for another day!

Over to You

So, are you ready to make a move?

Find a CMMS that will help you streamline operations, manage and inspect your assets, track vendor and warranty information, and schedule preventive maintenance – all in one easy-to-use platform.

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