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Jason rattles the rear entrance door.

“It’s locked,” he says through the radio.

“10-4,” you respond. “You’re OK to head out,” you tell Jason.

It’s a slow Saturday night. Usually, the last rush comes in around 6 PM, but you’ve already passed that point.

Jason throws his equipment in his locker, puts his radio on the charger, and says his final farewell as he leaves for the evening.

Now, it’s only you and three other security guards to cover the mall.

You’re the security manager on duty tonight, which means the two other guards automatically get the short straws. They’re stuck walking the mall until close.

You always choose camera duty. It’s your favorite part of the job because it gives you a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening.

But, tonight takes a turn for the worse.

Tomorrow’s Christmas, which means your mall security operation is busy to say the least.

If you have multiple properties to oversee, well, you already know you’re in for it. Christmas Eve is when the majority of the U.S. likes to get those last minutes gifts taken care of.

That means your security operation is going to have their hands full.

Running a security operation is a big responsibility to begin with, but when you throw the Holidays into the mix – skills get tested.

Why not have the tools in place to limit the amount of stress you have today? Why not achieve peace of mind, even on Christmas Eve?