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We know your security team is busy.

Well, at least they should be.

Do you know or are you unsure?

We bet their to-do list is endless.

They’re always busy picking up the pieces of the last issue or incident.

But they’re always falling behind too.


You can’t figure out the issue, and it’s frustrating for you.

They finally stopped using the outdated guard tour system deployed for the past eight years.

You’re confident in their training – because you trained them.

You even moved them over to an “advanced” system that uses a mobile app for on-the-go operations like yours.

But, it seems like your team isn’t any happier and they’re still struggling.

Maybe your problem could be the new solution.

What do you think?

Many solution providers claim they’ve got the latest and greatest guard tour system.

That might be true for a moment.

But things change, and they change often.

You know this.

How many of these solutions providers have spent years working with security operations?

How many of them understand what your team needs?

Ask your team how seamless and robust the system is.

The latest solution doesn’t always make it the best solution.

We’ve seen companies come and go and build a “solution” for the industry’s needs, only to leave the customer disappointed.

It’s not easy to make software solutions for property operations.

It takes years of commitment and active listening to the industry and customers.

We’re here to tell you that the latest and greatest doesn’t mean it’s the best.

But, that also doesn’t mean the solution is the only thing to blame.

We’ve found that you must first look at your operation and determine what needs to be addressed before deploying a first-class system.

Let’s see how your situation stacks up.

Then we’ll maximize your performance by showing you what your system needs.

Your team is responsible for the safety of your property.

That means everyone from personnel to the guests that come and go.

But, you’re using an outdated software solution.

One that works… but doesn’t really work.


It’s frustrating to you because you’ve trained your team – hours and hours were spent on it.

But, we’re all human.

So we forget things, and you cannot expect your rookie to remember every SOP you have.

You want them to, but you know you need to remove obstacles from their patch.

Setting them up to be accurate and efficiency is what’s important to you, their safety, and that of everyone on your property.

That’s why you need to choose a guard tour system that meets the needs of your property.

Not the property in front of you, behind you, or next to you.

Your property is different, and you know you need a software solution that’s different.

You need a proactive guard your system.

“Here’s our problem,” you shout.

“We’re always picking up the pieces,” you tell Chris, your director of public safety.

“We’re never ahead of the game,” you continue.

“It’s because we’re running an outdated system that runs from software on the first computer I used in my first year here,” he responds.

“The wands don’t even work that well either.

They’re always crashing on our guards,” he explains.

“We’re always running in ‘reactive mode,'” he snarls.

You look at him with intense interest.

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“Poor documentation, time-stamping technology, no accountability, high turnover of staff, and the inability to capture critical information on the fly,” he explains.

Now, you’re frustrated with yourself because he’s approached you about upgrading your guard tour system in the past.

But, you didn’t listen.

You understand the challenges of running a legacy system.

So, today you choose to implement a proactive, web-based system at your property.  

Let’s move your operation to the type of guard tour system proactive operations use.

You walk over to your security supervisor.

“This is the problem we’re having,” you remark.

Joe gives you a blank stare while he waits for you to continue.

“We’re always picking up the pieces when something happens,” you continue.

“You know, it feels like we’re always behind the eight ball,” you tell Joe.

“We’ve been working with an antiquated system,” he responds.

“It’s a combination of pen, paper, and hoping that we’re in the right place at the right time,” he continues.

“It’s a reactive security operation that we’re running here,” he tells you.

“Poor documentation, legacy time-stamping technology, limited if no accountability, and high turnover,” he elaborates.

“That’s what I’m working with every day,” Joe asserts with pursed lips.

You know Joe is frustrated because he’s approached you about upgrading your guard tour system in the past.

Only now have you’ve realized the struggles of operating with an outdated solution and disjointed process.

That’s the problem.

You’re reacting to the inefficient process.

But, Joe’s ready to employ a proactive system.

Today, you’re moving to that proactive guard tour system Joe needs – and we’ll show you what traits should be non-negotiable.

Are you ready to transform your security operation from reactive to proactive?

If you were asked by your peers to offer them recommendations on how to run their operation, what would you tell them?

Would you know which software is most useful in running a security services operation to its fullest potential?

Are you not sure? Keep reading; we’ve got you covered.

Two software solutions are critical for security services to implement: a proactive incident management system and a streamlined guard tour system.

Unfortunately, we find too many organizations that are either using less than par incident management and guard tour systems or nothing at all.

Incident management and guard tour systems are two must-know software solutions implemented by world-class organizations.

These companies want to increase their competitive advantage.

So, how do you measure up?

Security services companies that want to succeed need software.

Progressive companies understand the downside to complacency and the upside to innovation.

The security industry is a fast-paced, demanding, and ever-changing industry.

How do companies measure up against industry rivals?

Not understanding the value produced by operations management software proves detrimental to one’s success.

Software, inclusive of incident management, and inspection and guard tour software, provide security services organizations with much-needed tools to be effective in the course of tense situations.

Do you agree?