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Proactive Operations Helps Remove Your Big Blind Spots

by 24/7 Software / November 2, 2017

“In July 2016, the aftermath of a police shooting of an African-American man was broadcast live on Facebook. Instantly, Americans of all stripes used the platform to step up the race wars and attack each other. Across the world, in India this past summer, a post of a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad on Facebook sparked mob violence in which one person died,” writes Aarti Shahani in their recent NPR article entitled “Mark Zuckerberg's Big Blind Spot And The Conflict Within Facebook.”

“And now, U.S. lawmakers are looking into Facebook's culpability after evidence that Russia-linked operatives placed ads on its platform during the 2016 presidential election in an effort to disrupt democracy,” Shahani notes.

“For Zuckerberg, connecting the world means bringing people together. But increasingly the platform is being used by some very powerful elements to do the exact opposite: sow divisions. That's led Facebook struggling almost every week to offer explanations for misleading and divisive news on its platform,” Shahani explains.

Shahani’s article quickly resonated with us. From its title to the context of Zuckerberg’s ongoing battle to protect the Facebook platform and its users.

Yes, Facebook is different than your property on many levels.

But, the fight to keep your customers and property (Zuckerberg’s platform) safe – well, that’s something you have in common.


According to Shahani, “It's a huge blind spot for Zuckerberg, by his own acknowledgment. Indeed, he is fast coming to terms with the power of his platform to cause harm. Last November, Zuckerberg dismissed as "a pretty crazy idea" the notion that fake news influenced the U.S. presidential election.”

It might not be “crazy” anymore.

But, the first step for anyone is to acknowledge the problem.

Get past that, and you can work on a solution.

We’re confident you probably have some big blind spots of your own to get a handle on, starting today.


Let’s work to remove them.

What Are Your Blind Spots?

We say these all of the time:

  • “So nothing slips through the cracks.”
  • “Don’t let anything go undetected.”
  • “Prevent stuff from moving under the radar.”

You get the point, right?

We’re talking about your blind spots!

Stuff that ‘slips through the cracks’ is the result of what’s being missed throughout your operation.

So, what are your blind spots?

Have trouble thinking of them? Let us give you a few examples to ponder.

  • Fights that occur and end on your property without you knowing, or you find out way after they’re over
  • Not realizing your customers are extremely unhappy with your service because they have no way to communicate their needs and frustrations
  • Your property is losing money each month, and you have no idea it’s the result of faulty equipment
  • Wet spills are leading to slip & fall incidents, and these are leading to legal battles your risk management team is furious about

You don’t know about this stuff, which means you can’t manage it.

Proactive Operations can help you remove your big blind spots.

It’s time to manage your property as a proactive leader. Are you ready?

Proactive Operations: No More Blind Spots

You might be wondering how Proactive Operations can help remove your big blind spots.

There is a definite and straightforward answer to this:

  1. Strategy
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Technology

It’s a methodology that has purpose – something you might not have all the pieces for now.

But, don’t fret. You’ll have them all once you finish reading this article.

We’ll touch on Proactive Operations here to help you understand how it helps. But, you can learn more about it here.

It’s important to understand; blind spots are not necessarily the things you don’t physically see.

For example, walking around a corner and not being able to see any oncoming customers or teammates. We’re not talking about that.

It’s about everything you’re missing on your property because there are not enough resources deployed, you’ve got an unsuitable setup of personnel, and nonexistent or antiquated technology to proactively communicate and control everything.

We have good news, though.

Your proactive operation can alter this for the better.

  1. Run through your strategy, which affords you the ability to identify your known blind spots and establish the necessary resources to remove them
  2. Create your infrastructure, inclusive of the correct personnel, to give you the best opportunity to effectively and efficiently manage everything that occurs on your property and have a streamlined flow of information
  3. Deploy technology that skyrockets your performance with real-time communications, yes communications. From your operations center to mobile teams, everyone can talk at the speed-of-type to ensure nothing ever slips through the cracks

Now, your customers and staff can contribute to the removal of all of your blind spots.

How’s that for Proactive Operations?

Over to You

Recognize the existence of your big blind spots. Use Proactive Operations to remove them. It’s simple but requires action.

After you work through your strategy to identify and eliminate these blind spots, build your infrastructure, and deploy real-time communications – managing everything you now “see” will be your next great achievement.

So, are you ready to do what it takes to get rid of your blind spots?

Ready for Proactive Operations?

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