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How Task Management Software Can Maximize Event Performance

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Jan 28, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Running your property’s daily operation is a breeze.

You’ve got everything down to a science.

Open parking gates, close parking gates, turn on escalators, complete this, and get that done.

It’s business as usual, and you believe you're a genius at it.

But, what happens when you host an event?

Tasks change and the number of tasks increases.

It’s not ‘business as usual’ anymore.

You have tasks to coordinate based on your event requirements, from consolidating alcohol kiosks to reversing escalators, to the unexpected things that need to get done.

Event day requires a lot of your team’s attention.

How do you manage task requirements for your events?

It’s a great responsibility.

But, you can handle the “task” like the proactive operation you are.

You already know you need to stop writing things down or trying to remember what needs to get done.

That’s how important tasks get missed.

But, you’re not sure how you’ll manage event day tasks that come in droves?

They’re not issues, incidents, or customer requests.

We’re here to help.

You need to utilize task management software in conjunction with your event requirements.

It’s how you’ll get stuff done for your event days!


Getting all the tasks on your event to-do list completed is a must.

It’s the only way your property runs smoothly.

It’s also the only way you look professional to your customers on event day.

So, what does your team need to get done for each event?

Now, think about your current process for handling tasks.

What is it?

How do you currently get important event tasks done?

  • Do you write items down on a notepad, and go through them one by one? Do you manage tasks in a spreadsheet, then print it out?
  • Are your new and event-only staff members expected to recall their training to execute important tasks? Are all the tasks getting done?
  • What happens when something doesn’t get done? Who’s accountable? Does your team move on to the next item?

Your team must always have customer experience in mind.

But, you have a plethora of event day requirements.

Your current task management efforts don’t cut it.


Manage Ever-Changing Event Day Conditions

Let’s say that you’ve hired new staff. Now, you have to train them.

But, of course, you’re short-staffed, which means your new staff has to work for tomorrow’s event.

Just another busy event like the rest.

Did your stress level skyrocket?

You know that the new staff won’t remember much of their training either.

You’re only going to realize what they don’t remember while they’re making those mistakes during the event.

You could give the employees notes.

But, you can’t guarantee that they’ll use the notes.

They’ll probably forget or misplace the notes.

You don’t need more stress, and you certainly don’t have time for this.

Task management software can help eliminate these hindrances.

Get your jobs scheduled, executed on time, and completed expertly.

The bottom line is that task management software helps you get stuff done.

Throw away paper checklists!

Replace your lists with a solution that helps you maximize your event performance.

  • Take only seconds to schedule a task
  • Automatically remind your employees of important tasks they must complete
  • Get tasks completed with first-class customer service

Are you ready to execute event tasks with maximum performance?

Then, keep reading to learn about a system that can help.


Are you ready to ensure event to-dos get done the way you need?

Let’s get to it.

Here are the four benefits of adding this solution to your event-day arsenal.

  • Unified Organization
  • Manage Daily & Event Tasks Harmoniously
  • 3 Criteria-Based Ways to Execute Tasks
  • Never Forget a Task

Unified Organization

What’s one of the biggest challenges you face on event day?

Prioritizing calls for service.

You’re struggling to handle customer services requests, incidents, and tasks when everything is coming into the operations center – and into the same solution.

That’s why you need a solution that’s unified, but one that also organizes each operational detail accordingly.

Track and communicate operational functions separately from incidents and customer requests.

Doing this lets you focus on what’s important.

But, you also get everything done!

  • High priority incidents get handled
  • Your customers get the service they want and deserve
  • Fundamental operational needs get done

Centralizing event operational tasks allows your team to maximize performance and service.

Manage Daily & Event Tasks Harmoniously

You probably have your standard daily tasks to get done, even on event days.

Create tasks for daily property operations and your event.

Then, schedule the tasks and watch them get completed effortlessly.

You won’t need a paper checklist anymore.

Now, you have control of what tasks need to get accomplished, whether it’s daily or event related.

3 Criteria-Based Ways to Execute Tasks

This benefit is where your event-day performance can rise to Proactive Operations.

You can automate your task assignments and execution.

Create tasks using the following criteria.

  • Time
  • Event Marker
  • Previous Task


You like to have the parking lot gates opened an hour before each event.

Schedule your parking operations supervisor to open the gates at 6:30 PM before the start of your 7:30 PM concert start time.

Event Marker

Send out a reminder to ‘move upper-level alcohol kiosks to 100 level at the commencement of the 3rd period’ of the hockey game.

A task like this helps you manage alcohol consumption in hotspots like Section 314.

But, it also helps you meet revenue goals in lower risk sections.

You’re getting tasks done and automating ways to build up your property’s bottom line.

Previous Task

You need to check various areas and hotspots during events.

But, you can’t remember everything.

You’ve got a lot to do but not enough time.

Set a task to check the hotspot for section 314 30 minutes after the previous location check of section 326’s hotspot.

The countdown only starts based on your completion of the last task.

This practice keeps you moving in the right direction at all times.

Never Forget a Task

Event days demand a lot of your time and attention!

So, it’s easy to forget things that need to get done.


Now you don’t have to stress over missing critical and non-critical event day tasks.

Send task reminders to your team via text, email, and proprietary mobile apps.

Your communication ability depends on the flexibility of your solution.

Not every solutions provider sells mobile applications.

Reminders provide your team with a record of their tasks.

They help ensure nothing gets missed and eliminates your worry about forgetting the next task.

Never forget your tasks again.


The pressure of running your day-to-day operation is enormous. Now, add your event to the mix.

There’s no question; your event requirements are demanding. But, you can maximize the performance of your team on event days.

Utilize task management software to execute the things that need to get done during your events to eliminate the missed tasks and stress headaches that follow.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in March 2017 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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