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Enterprise-Scale Venue Operations Management

, | October 11, 2023 | By

Managing an enterprise-scale venue requires the operations team to synchronize many moving parts, including security, logistics, food and beverage, ticketing, housekeeping, and maintenance—all while creating a world-class customer experience.

Successfully navigating the operational complexity created by an event the magnitude of the Olympic Games opening ceremony or a sold-out Taylor Swift concert requires a suite of robust, scalable, and integrated software solutions.

Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to manage operations in an enterprise-scale venue.

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Enterprise-Scale Venues Come with Enterprise-Scale Responsibilities

Although the headliner or sporting event draws guests to the venue, the operations team’s preparedness and response capabilities are inherently responsible for the success of the experience.

For world-class venues looking to make a difference, it is key for facility operations teams to proactively identify and plan for a broad range of factors, including:

  • Staff management
  • Security
  • Incident tracking and response
  • Request management
  • Internal and customer communication
  • Guest and staff health and safety
  • Preventive, predictive, and reactive maintenance
  • Customer experience

Operations Management Software is Key to Successful Orchestration

Operations management software allows venue operators and managers to create and implement a comprehensive strategy that supports the functions listed above, and proactively prepare a response plan to address unexpected and unpredictable incidents.

To meet the complex operations needs at the enterprise level, these technology solutions must support six fundamental capabilities:

  • Reducing risk
  • Documenting standard operating procedures and incident response plans
  • Tracking and monitoring incident history
  • Generating alerts and responses in real time
  • Facilitating communication
  • Optimizing safety and reducing liability

How 24/7 Software's Solution Suite Supports World-Class Venues

24/7 Software is purpose-built to optimize operations performance and efficiency in even the biggest arenas.

Manage issues and incidents in real time.

24/7 Software’s Incident Management system provides a single pane of glass to track, document, manage, resolve, and report incidents. This exceptionally user-friendly platform is accessible via web or mobile app, allowing your operations team to: 

  • Track incidents in real time from a configurable dispatch queue.
  • Build workflows.
  • Dispatch personnel.
  • Maintain a detailed history of all incident records.
  • Adhere to protocols and standard operating procedures.

Communicate with customers and staff.

Accessible lines of communication are essential for managing operations and customer experience.

Our Conversations module allows customers, employees, and your operations team to send and receive feedback and updates in real time. This lets your staff respond quickly to questions, incidents, and requests.

Automate and streamline operations activities.

Activity Log enables staff to track and communicate activities such as shift changes, lunch breaks, meetings, briefings, patrols, and access requests.

Activities, incident, and task management are managed in separate modules, which provides clearer insight into activity status and prioritization, ensuring operations run smoothly.

Simplify and automate lost and found.

24/7 Software’s Lost & Found solution improves your venue’s return-to-owner rates while providing an exceptional customer experience.

Technologies, including web forms, intelligent item identification, digital records, and electronic signatures, make it simple for guests to report lost items and for staff to inventory, locate, and return articles quickly and securely.

Track staff activities.

Managing an enterprise-level venue demands efficiency. Our Task Manager software centralizes task management, which makes it easy to assign tasks, monitor performance, and measure efficiency.

Schedule and monitor maintenance and security tasks.

A robust computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is the backbone of every successful large-scale venue.

This technology supports essential facility-management functions, including:

  • Creating, tracking, editing, and assigning work orders.
  • Scheduling and conducting regular inspections.
  • Automated material and inventory tracking.
  • Tracking vendor and warranty information.
  • Scheduling preventive maintenance.

Physical security is a critical function for enterprise-level venue operations, and the right technology is key to ensuring the safety of your customers and employees.

24/7 Software’s CheckPoint guard tour system allows users to build and execute custom patrols, track the progress of guard patrols, monitor guard progress, and randomize routes to ensure full coverage of the venue.

Streamline request response.

Request Tracker enhances both customer experience and staff efficiency by providing an intuitive, interactive tool to convey and respond to requests.

Our request tracking software can track and communicate requests in a separate window or integrated into your incident management dispatch queue. Requests can be reported and responded to via SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp message, and visual status tracking helps ensure no request is overlooked.

Connect anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re operations management, staff, or a guest, communication is key in an enterprise-level venue.

Our Communicator mobile app enables users to report incidents, fill out forms, input necessary information, and add requests and tasks. The information is fed to the dispatch queue so appropriate actions can be initiated.

Communicator is designed to keep communication flowing. Messages, alerts, and notifications can be sent over Wi-Fi and cellular data networks; in the event networks are disrupted, Communicator works in offline mode, storing your data and syncing to the system as soon as a connection is restored.

Maintain compliance and reduce liability.

24/7 Software’s industry-leading technology is SAFETY Act designated by the Department of Homeland Security and compliant with SOC 2 and GDPR, which provides liability protection and reduces regulatory risks for the venue.

Take Your Venue Operations to the Next Level 

Managing venue operations at a large scale is always going to be complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. 24/7 Software’s operations management software provides proactive, reactive, and streamlined solutions to solve even your biggest facility management challenges.

Learn more or schedule a demo today.


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