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Are You Being Told the Truth?

by 24/7 Software / May 24, 2018

“Among the lawmakers' concerns: How Facebook might make up possible abuses to its users — and whether Zuckerberg himself is telling the truth when he promises to obey Europe's privacy laws,” writes Bill Chappell in their recent NPR article entitled “Are You Telling The Truth?' European Parliament Questions Mark Zuckerberg.”

According to Chappell, “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took questions from members of the European Union Parliament on Tuesday about allegations that personal data of European Facebook users was misused. The testy session ended with several members of Parliament complaining that Zuckerberg had failed to address their most pressing questions.”

“Zuckerberg conceded that Facebook had not been ready to fight off fake news that spread quickly on its site. And he apologized for the improper use of millions of users' data to help political campaigns, after an analytics company gained information that had been collected by a quiz app,” the article explains.

"Whether it's fake news, foreign interference in elections or developers misusing people's information, we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibilities," Zuckerberg said in Chappell’s NPR piece. "That was a mistake, and I'm sorry," he continues in the article.

Whether you believe Zuckerberg is telling the truth or not, we’ve pinpointed an essential lesson for you.

Keep reading; we’ll explain.

We’ve talked about the impact of ‘truth’ throughout your operation for years now.

But, sometimes the concept and its importance are overlooked.

It’s not because you want to overlook it either.

You’re just charged with managing a ton of responsibilities, so truth in your data can become a missed issue.

We get it; you’re confronted with high-priority situations at a fast pace.

But, that’s also why this lesson is essential – it’ll help you get the truth.

It’s time to pause, refocus, and get the right information starting today.

Keep Your Data Honest

The valuable lesson here is to keep your data honest.

While Zuckerberg explained Facebook was not ready to fight off the fake news; we want the opposite for your operation.

You need to be ready to fight off “fake” information.

That also means you need to have the right solutions in place to do so.


You can capture data, whether it be the issues or incidents that occur on your property.

But, is that data even accurate or useful?

Are you being told the truth?

It’s easy for various sides of a story to each become the ‘truth’ when you’re capturing that information in an antiquated way.

This misleading information could also increase your risk. You’ve got to have strong liability defense in place.

Having the right software solutions will help all of this.

It’s time for documentation capabilities that keep your data honest.

You deserve to be told the truth.

We know you agree with that!

4 Ways to Safeguard the Truth

Your ability to manage every situation on your property that results in accurate and reliable data is critical for reducing your risk and protecting your bottom line.

Here are four benefits of using proactive software solutions you can leverage now to keep your data (e.g., issues and incidents) honest.

  1. An incident management system will allow your team to store all the vital issue and incident details associated with acts of terrorism, unruly customers or staff, and all other types of problems and incidents – like a wet spill that turns into a slip & fall.
  2. A centralized digital repository for all the data you need is essential. You can rest assured knowing every detail of any issue and incident will remain how you left it, one month or six years from now.
  3. Real-time reporting gives you the hard facts, trends, and risk data for making critical real-time operational decisions. Be ready with the details, examples, and the truth, if your day in court comes.
  4. Real-time communications software solutions such as phones and tablets give you the opportunity to take mobile incident management to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness. Most importantly, these mobile devices force your incidents to be honest by capturing and storing digital witness statements, signatures, audio, and video. Not only are you capturing accurate data, but you’re also getting it when it happens for expert accuracy and integrity.

Do you see how these play a role in the truth of your data?

Dishonesty vs. Honesty

Does this sound familiar?

You arrive at the scene of an incident clicking your pen with a notepad under your arm.

Now, you’re aware proactive software solutions exist, but you’ve always preferred your method for handling things.

It “gets the job done,” as you always tell your team.

While at the scene, you discover a customer has slipped near one of your high traffic areas.

It appears they either sprained or broke their ankle.

You’re not a doctor so you can’t tell, but it looks terrible.

After taking their statement, you begin interviewing witnesses to the incident.

But, the stories don’t seem to add up.


The injured customer has a different account of what took place than your eye-witnesses.


  • Who do you believe?
  • Who will the court believe?
  • What measures can you take with handwritten notes to ensure your records match what really happened, and that it’ll hold up in a court of law?

Not ideal, right?

Let’s change your process and the ending to this situation.

Proactive Operations Get the Truth

Now, let’s see how your operation handles the same situation with top-notch solutions in place.

You quickly arrive at the scene once your staff has dispatched the incident to need-to-know employees.

Only this time, you have your mobile incident reporting solution ready.

You immediately begin documenting the full details of the incident from the perspective of the injured.

Their story appears legitimate – initially.

They continue to assure you that they’ve slipped on a small wet spot in your high traffic area.

You don’t expect to locate the exact spill due to high traffic volume, so you believe their story.

But then, something remarkable happens.

A shift in information occurs.

You move on to question witnesses of the incident using your solution, and the injured customer changes their story.

Now, that’s interesting!

After realizing they won’t be able to pass the blame to your property and seeing how comprehensive your incident management is, they adjust their version of the occurrence to match that of your witnesses.

Here’s what really happened: They were running to make it to an important appointment. The incident took place while trying to leap over a piece of furniture.

This senseless act resulted in catching their foot on the furniture and hurting their ankle as they hit the floor.

You’ve kept your incidents (and customers) honest while reducing your property’s risk.

That’s the truth!

How does it feel?

Over to You

Capturing complete and accurate data is the sure-fire way to keep your issues, incidents, staff, and customers honest. It leaves no gray area or means for alternative interpretation.

By using proactive software solutions, you gain the ability to capture reliable data while showing your customers you strongly value the positive impact of holding everyone accountable.

It’s a critical step in always knowing the truth.

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