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Airports Use Lost and Found Software to Increase Visitor Satisfaction

, | November 3, 2015 | By

Are you in charge of the visitor experience at your airport?

That’s a big responsibility.

It’s big because to deliver a positive experience to the constant flow of visitors coming through your airport, you have to oversee:

  • Hiring and training of effective & dependable staff
  • Processes for effectively & efficiently handling the needs of your visitors
  • How staff handle visitor complaints

There’s a lot for you to track, manage, and execute.

Now, what happens when your visitors lose something? How does your airport lost and found staff handle the overwhelming responsibility of getting possessions back to their owners?

Do you have lost and found software in place? Is it old? Is your legacy system only making life more difficult for your staff?

We’re curious because we know a way for you to eradicate the problems associated with not having a lost and found system or having one that does more harm than good.

Keep reading because we’re going to show you how first-class airports use a lost and found solution to increase visitor satisfaction…every single day.

Clutter and Ambiguity Weigh Heavy on the Shoulders of Your Employees & Affect the Experience of Your Visitors

Are the lost and found processes at your airport disorganized? Most are.

Nothing makes sense…does it? It’s uncontrolled and overwhelming for your staff.

The stress of managing lost and found items flows down the line to your staff. It makes their job a lot harder.

They probably dread coming to work each day knowing they’re walking into failure anyway. No one gets peace of mind. You certainly don’t, right?

Your lost and found operation is faced with constant turmoil.

Verifying ownership and getting items to their owners is a dreaded obstacle for staff since there hasn’t been a way to effectively manage and operate this department for your airport.

The gravest problem with your lost and found department is the process for which items are:

  • Received
  • Documented
  • Tracked
  • Returned

But, most of the time there really isn’t a process at all. Is this right?

Turned in items become misplaced in the department itself or items become the possessions of your staff.

Good for your staff, bad for your visitors. It’s counterproductive and results in unhappy visitors.

Today, however, we have good news for you, your staff, and of course, your visitors.

Solution providers like 24/7 Software have recognized the problem of getting items back to their rightful owners and have developed a great solution.

You can correct the lost and found problem and increase visitor satisfaction at your airport.

Are you ready to see how? Let’s dive in.

Lost and Found Software Keeps Your Visitors Happy and Your Airport Looking Great

Software providers have developed web-based lost and found solutions to eliminate the need for anything unnecessary.

From pen and paper to disorganized management of lost and found items, the landscape has changed – for the better.

We agree that managers need order and a user-friendly process. It ensures that staff will consistently use the system.

It’s definitely an added bonus that many of these systems are web-based, which means you can access them from anywhere at any time.

You and your staff have the ability to organize all aspects of lost and found, fitting the needs of your demanding operation.

Here are two examples of how a lost and found solution can be used to increase visitor satisfaction at your airport:

  1. Visitors file their claim at your lost and found desk. Your staff will manually enter it into the software.
  2. Visitors submit their lost item claim through a form available on your airport’s website. These forms can be customized for your airport’s needs.

What is most beneficial to your visitors about the web form is that they can send in lost claim information from the comfort of their home.

If this doesn’t imply peace of mind, we don’t know what will.

When a matching item is located, the guest will receive notification to verify whether the matching item is theirs, and to reclaim it.

Simple, right?

Lost claims are then added through the software with claimant and item details. The claimant details consist of the name and contact information of the person claiming any lost items.

This type of system will let you email and/or print a receipt for the claimant’s records. For the longest time, this was unheard of in lost and found management. It’s a good thing times have changed.

Most lost item details will include the airport information and an item’s associated details including, the item name, the date your visitor lost it, and when and where the item was lost.

The ability to attach documents and pictures to the record is also available. It’s one thing to have the details of a lost or found item – it’s another to have a picture of it!

Pictures are worth a 1,000 words and you don’t want anything slipping through the cracks.

The found item records will afford you and your staff the ability to enter details of items found by staff or visitors in order to match with possible lost claims.

Details of the found items can be submitted along with the ability to print a receipt and attach associated documents too.

Documentation is so important.

Efficiency enters with the ability to easily identify storage locations. Lost item location is easily stored on the item details, making your staff’s job of finding lost items much easier.

Actively track where all your items are located. Completely remove the ambiguity common storage methods create.

You can realize the true value of a lost and found solution, starting today.

Matching items are an example of the robust functionality of modernized solutions. This feature allows your staff to compare item details to efficiently identify matching items for visitors.

Staff can populate and then select a found item. Once the found item is selected all possible matches will populate.

  • Claim a found match.
  • Fill in additional details of the item if needed.
  • Have your staff add a signature to verify the issue of the item to its owner.

Solution providers created a system that takes the extra work required to effectively manage your department. Use a system to make increasing visitor satisfaction an effortless process.

When choosing lost and found software, we have one non-negotiable for you to consider:

  • Reporting and analysis of all lost and found items

If you can’t generate reports to review comprehensive statistics, why have a system in place?

Do you want to create a seamless process for returning lost items back to their owners? Then, improving your lost and found operation over time should be a high priority.

Analyzing all reports for the lost and found department can be a simple and effortless activity. It’ll help you improve service to visitors.

If you’re not doing this already, you’re missing a great opportunity to empower your staff and augment the experience of visitors. Let’s not waste any precious time.

Get the Right Item Back to the Right Visitor in No Time. It's That Simple!

After using a solution for only a little bit, you’ll find that all their features are powerful. They help you proficiently manage your airport visitor experience with effectiveness and efficiency.

No longer will you be burdened with using valuable time to train staff or force them to execute unproductive processes.

Increasing visitor satisfaction is the ultimate goal here.

We want to help you reunite visitors with their lost possessions.

  • Your problem of getting lost items back to visitors is gone.
  • Vague and disorganized processes are a thing of the past.

We understand the stress of losing something and the time it can take to report a lost item. We also understand how it can be a horrible experience for your visitors.

Giving your visitors the ability to report lost items via a web form on your airport’s website will improve your operation.

Your visitors no longer need to call your staff over and over asking whether their lost items have been found.

Put up the web form, let your visitors check the website for status updates. You don’t have to think about it anymore.

Similarly lost items and found items are identified by these systems populating the items in a top-to-bottom comparison of details to determine if a match is likely.

This reduces the amount of items being overlooked positively affecting the time it takes to return items to their owner.

In order for you and your staff to look professional to your visitors, you must be able to quickly return lost items to their owners.

You need a system that will record item found dates and define an expiration date for holding each item. Once the date passes, you can discard the item or donate it to your favorite charity.

This will reduce unnecessary inventory for your airport and give the organization additional tax benefits.

Print and email receipts as soon as lost item details are entered. Provide your staff with real-time documentation and historical records of all items moving through your solution.

Staff can print the tags and attach them to items for storage, along with the receipts for claimed items.

Comprehensive reports for tracking and analysis give you as the manager the ability to meticulously measure your operation’s performance.

The most value occurs when you can look at the inner workings of the lost and found department in order to enhance the satisfaction of your visitors.

Over to You

Now is the time to strive for delivering the best visitor experience at your airport. Increase visitor satisfaction using lost and found software. Do this and everyone achieves peace of mind.

So, will you be implementing a progressive lost and found solution at your airport?

Learn how to enhance the guest experience using lost and found software

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