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21 Reasons Why We Dislike Legacy Incident Management Systems [Infographic]

| August 4, 2015 | By

When we say we dislike legacy incident management systems…that means we really dislike them.

They’re still running on the same version, from the same CD on the same desktop computer they were set up on 10 years ago. Does this sound familiar?

If that’s your incident management system’s current situation and you can relate, then it’s time for you to fully understand how detrimental these systems are to the overall success of your operation.

Now is the time to invest in your operation so you can escape the pitfalls of using a legacy incident management solution, especially before another 10 years of subpar incident management goes by.

Understanding the characteristics of a legacy system is vital. That way, you can avoid these types of systems before they get the best of you…and your peace of mind.

In order to help you understand why we dislike legacy incident management software so much, we’ve created an infographic that’ll help you know their traits so you can evade them before they ruin your operation.

21 Reasons We Dislike Legacy IMS

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Over to You

Now you know our motives for wanting you to stay away from legacy systems. From not being web-based in any way to having a complicated platform where even your IT department needs to be involved – you might as well learn rocket science at that point!

Knowing how legacy incident management systems have a very negative effect on your operation, are you going to avoid them at any and all costs?