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10 Qualities of Highly Effective Incident Management Systems [Infographic]

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May 10, 2016 7:45:00 AM

Last night’s event has you thinking.

As you sit in your office chair, you begin to think about everything that went wrong.

You have two undocumented slip and falls, six fights that escalated to medical incidents because your team did not respond quickly, and you did not leave here until 1 AM.

Frustrated, you begin searching Google for a solution. However, you do not find one.

You feel overwhelmed because you don’t know how to solve this growing challenge. It’s your job to keep your guests happy and everyone safe.

You need a better way to manage all the issues and incidents at your property.

Then it happens, you have an epiphany. “That is it!” you exclaim.

You type “incident management” into your browser. You find this article and know it is written for you.

Keeping your guests safe is an essential part of what you do. You decide that today is the right time to implement an incident management system (IMS). Where to start?

Your IMS prevents things from slipping through the cracks, so we created an infographic to help you find an incident management system. It outlines the ten most useful qualities of a solution that helps you create order at your property.


10 Qualities of Highly Effective Incident Management Systems

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Over to You

Creating order does not stop at ‘order’ itself. What matters is what you get from all the order. You must work to improve your operation and never stop. Your guests and staff depend on your ability to keep them safe. An incident management system helps you knock that responsibility out of the park.

Use a highly efficient system to keep everyone safe. Your reward is peace of mind.

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