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Messaging software for all your operational needs 

The Conversations module is designed to empower your customers, patrons, employees, and visitors to provide feedback and updates in real-time to your operations team, providing your staff the necessary communication tools to respond quickly. Answer questions, resolve incidents, and handle requests as they are reported - all via SMS, MMS or WhatsApp message with one comprehensive platform with robust reporting.

Configurable Inboxes

Configure your communication inboxes based on the type of incoming communication. Develop and assign short codes to these inboxes to ensure each inbox can be used for different purposes.

Color-Coded Messages

As messages come in, they will be color-coded based on the status of the conversation so that no communication gets overlooked.

Response Templates

One-click configurable response templates can be created and categorized by response type so that staff can quickly respond to all types of questions, incidents, or requests.

Conversation Thread History

All conversations contain the date and time stamp of the threads. If communication gets forwarded for resolution to a specific user or linked to our Incident Management System, that information is documented as well.

Event-Day Alerts via Messaging Software

Send traffic, weather, parking, or news alerts to a selected group of contacts in order to immediately notify them of relevant information.

Schedule Conversations

Set up messages to be sent to a group of contacts at a select date and time. Easily tie this to a specific event or occasion. We can also send out messages based on event markers!

Create unlimited user groups and text important alerts or messages to a group of contacts. Messages can be generated and sent on the fly or scheduled in advance creating an efficient method for mass communication.

Create unlimited user groups and text important alerts or messages to a group of contacts.

Easily Add Group Members
Users can easily add members to a group via a fly-in window. Populate as many fields to the contact information as you would like including a photograph of the individual.

Track Communication History with Users
View all conversations based on the short code that group members have texted into when you pull up their contact information.

Easy and Fast Incident Reporting
Send mass messages to any user group at any point and customize whether recipients have the ability to reply to the messages. Quickly send follow-up messages to the group to stay in constant communication throughout the day.

Generate comprehensive reports easily that provides conversation history, response times and resolutions. Generate summary reports that can be scheduled and sent directly to your inbox so that you can keep track of everything without even logging into our system!

Generate comprehensive reports easily

Track Conversation Metrics
Generate reports that document the number of conversations and priority of these messages. Provide users with the ability to filter by department, keyword, facility and more.

View Conversation Threads
Generate reports in which you can see high priority conversations to see exactly what was communicated and how problems were resolved.

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Conversations communication channels include Short Code SMS, Long Code SMS, and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Incorporating additional communication channels, such as WhatsApp, allows patrons an accessible way to communicate with stadiums and other facilities around the globe.   

Why it’s important to integrate WhatsAppwhatsapp-color 

  •  Most popular messaging app
  •  Over 1 billion users message to businesses each week
  •  Over 1 billion daily active users and 2 billion monthly active users
  •  Universal solution to message in over 180 countries
  •  Provides your international guests with a way to communicate with your facility.                                             


Internal Employee Communication

Provides employees with another communication channel to stay in touch with real-time communications throughout an event at your facility.

Message Delivery Reliability

Efficient delivery of rich-text media between fans and teams. Receiving this media allows your staff to be proactive in responding to incidents or questions.

Choice of Messaging Platform

Provides all guests an alternative messaging platform to easily communicate with your teams. This can help keep fan engagement and enjoyment high, to increase audience retention, and reduce risk. 

Accessibility for Domestic and  International Visitors

Offers both employees and domestic and international patrons, an effortless way to message back and forth with your command center. In turn, your team can feel at ease that all guest inquiries are being taken care of quickly. 

Conversations links to the Incident Management System and the Computerized Maintenance Management System. You can simply send a conversation thread to the Incident Management System or CMMS or link it directly to an incident record or work order.

Module Int-01


Easily organize your 2-way text conversations so you don’t miss a beat.


Create unlimited user groups to text critical alerts or messages to a particular department. Schedule ahead or send on the fly. 


Utilize our 1-click reports and comprehensive statistics from incoming and historical data to protect your property against future liability.


Quickly send traffic, weather, parking, and news alerts.


Empower your customers and staff to communicate and resolve real-world problems.


Set up customizable 1-click response templates so your employees can quickly request additional information when needed.


Get a visual representation of all messages by status, so your staff doesn’t miss anything.


Save time by quickly sending a text conversation to create a new work order, incident or request. Easily link a text conversation to an existing incident or request in the same manner.

Guest using Conversations at an event

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Hundreds of customers trust us to lead the way in Proactive Operations.

Travelers Championship
Staples Center
Read Success Stories
"International Speedway Corporation partnered with 24/7 Software last year and adopted their innovative text messaging system technology to help provide thrilling and safe Guest Experiences at our 13 facilities across the country. The 24/7 Software system allows our guests to communicate immediately and directly with our on-site command centers for any emergency, informational or other assistance. We greatly appreciate 24/7 Software’s proactive responses to our system use questions and enhancement suggestions, allowing an even greater ability to respond to our guests needs during an event. We look forward to a long-term relationship with 24/7 Software."

Dean Kurtz
International Speedway Corporation

"Evaluators found the 24/7 Software text message system presented quick and immediate results. This allowed Incident Command to respond and address issues within 5 to 10 seconds after receiving texts from spectators. Evaluators agreed that the 24/7 Software text messaging system provided uncomplicated user friendly capabilities. This system is fully featured and provided intuitive user interface mechanisms throughout the software."

National Center for Spectator Sports Safety & Security

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"We are using the IMS and the text message modules of the 24/7 Software system. The system has worked so well for our events, that we are now using the IMS system 24/7 to maintain a central place where all our incidents are kept. This has greatly sped up the response time to any incident inquiries. Plus the text message system has improved our customer marketing and safety during events. Would highly recommend the 24/7 Software system to anyone."

Chris Clemerson
KFC Yum! Center

Oracle Park
"24/7 Software has revolutionized how the Giants track and respond to incidents in the ballpark. Innovation is an important organizational objective, as we are in Silicon Valley – the hub of world technology. The 24/7 Software programming allows us to stay ahead of the curve as we utilize the ever growing technology to refine our operation systems to better serve our customers and enhance the ballpark experience. We appreciate the 24/7 Software staff tireless efforts to work with its clients to listen to and execute programming modifications to improve and develop concepts relevant to our business."

Jorge Costa
Oracle Park

"At BBVA Compass Stadium we use the IMS for 24 hour security and during events in our command posts. We operate 2 event command posts and I can only be in one post at a time. The IMS allows me to monitor the radio/phone/text, etc. incidents that are coming in while being the decision maker on major issues. The IMS gives me the ability to monitor all behind the scenes activity during an event."

Amber Godpseed
BBVA Stadium

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