We’re Thankful for Proactive Operations

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Nov 26, 2020 7:00:00 AM

2020 has been a long year for you.

You’ve had to step it up.

COVID-19 severely impacted your operation.

You were forced to rethink things.

This circumstance terrified you.

From cleaning & disinfecting to taking care of your team, it has been a whirlwind of a year.

Everything was your responsibility from the start.


But that’s OK.

You’ve got Proactive Operations to help.

You’re making things happen – it’s what you prepared for when you first started deploying the methodology years ago.

We’re thankful for this.

You’re ready for anything that comes your way because you developed the foundation.

It’s strong.


Now, when you initially read the title of this article, you might’ve thought we were referring to the methodology of Proactive Operations.

You’re half right.

While we’re grateful for the methodology, today, we’re giving thanks to you.

We’re thankful for all the proactive operations that make up every industry and our customer community.

We are grateful for the world-class operations that make up our customer community and our future customers that are planning to be a proactive operation.

And those that have already achieved it!

We’re thankful because you have entrusted us to be your champion when it comes to employing top-notch software solutions throughout your property’s operation.

It does feel good knowing we can be a part of helping you keep your customers safe and your property running smoothly.

It’s an extraordinary pleasure to work with the best operations in the world. 

We could not be any more grateful!

We promise to keep the Proactive Operations movement going full steam ahead for years to come.

We also promise to continue perfecting the 24/7 Software proactive operations platform with intense focus.

We’re not letting up, and you shouldn’t either.

Proactive Operations is now and the future.

We’re going to continue doing whatever it takes to help every operation achieve maximum performance.

It’s our promise to you.


Are you just learning about Proactive Operations, or is your operation not quite where you want it to be?

Keep reading; because this section gives a polished starter pack for what you need to know about Proactive Operations before getting started.

Now, since we all tend to feast on Thanksgiving, we’ll keep this section light.

That way, you can get back to family time.

OK, here are the brass tacks of Proactive Operations you need to know before (or after) your Thanksgiving feast:

  • Proactive means controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened
  • Operation, the singular of operations, means the condition of functioning or being active

When you put the two words together, you get something we can all be thankful for – Proactive Operations.

Going into your new year, think of it as your new way of thinking, understanding, and executing your property’s operation.

Proactive Operations is where property operations utilize three powers to achieve maximum performance among all personnel.

  1. Strategy
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Technology

Once in place, your effective strategy, newly developed infrastructure, and optimized technology work to produce an operational powerhouse.

But, you must institute the methodology in order.


We’ve seen operations employ a piece or a couple of pieces of the puzzle, but the outcome is never the desired one.

You need all three, so it makes sense to address your strategy, move onto your infrastructure, and then worry about implementing the best technology in the marketplace.

How does that sound?

Great, this will get you started.

If you decide you haven’t had enough even after your Thanksgiving festivities – and a full stomach – read of our full-length Proactive Operations resource here.

We always encourage a proactive mindset, so we never want to stop you from indulging in your education.


What are we thankful for at 24/7 Software? Well, that’s easy. The answer will always “Proactive Operations.”

There’s no other answer for us.

That answer will always include you.

We're thankful for you.

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