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The success or failure of event day is determined by communication amongst departments at your property.


For all the days leading up to an event, your team’s efforts must be streamlined or nothing will run as planned.

Stress caused from bad communication is overwhelming too. There’s no question that the long-term effects of poor communication will hit your bottom line hard as well.

Would you agree?

Think about what we’re saying. Let’s put it in perspective for you…

How many days have you been trying to communicate with your marketing department about sponsorships?

Your next event is tomorrow so what are you going to do?

Incident management systems can help turn chaos into order.

It’s a fact…When incidents occur at your property, you are tasked with creating order and protecting your guests from issues that occur before, during and after events at your property.

Implementing the right processes and systems will affect your guests’ loyalty in the long run.

It’ll also determine your peace of mind.

So, what do you do to create the order we speak of? Easy, you connect with your guests. You get to know their needs. Then, you execute.

It’s the only way to ensure a safe and secure environment. It’s your ultimate goal anyway, right?

Do you invest a lot of time teaching your veteran or part time staff how to communicate effectively with guests?

With so many events each year – football, concerts, motorsports and corporate events – and constant turnover, you’re challenged with ensuring that front line staff properly interacts with guests.

We get it:

If they underperform it affects every area of your operation…ultimately affecting the whole organization.

How do you solve this guest services puzzle?

You have workers from all walks of life, with different skill sets and training experiences. Some are more seasoned than others, others have been exposed to more training and development, and some are brand new.

How do you empower your staff to effectively engage with your guests?

We know the answer and can’t wait to share it with you.

Today’s article is going to provide you with the framework of several useful techniques for communicating with your guests and delivering an exceptional guest experience at every touchpoint on game day.

It gets even better:

We have a great offer for you at the bottom of this article.

Paul Turner, award-winning director of event operations and security for AT&T Stadium and the Dallas Cowboys provided us with his “Two Minute Drill” for communicating effectively with guests.

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Paul’s training materials that he was so kind to share with us, coupled with his original IAVM Stadiums Blog post were inspiration for today’s article. We thank him profusely for this information. (You might see some insights sprinkled in here and there from his original post.)

You’ve got tons of information ahead of you. Let’s not waste any more time.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Oh, and never forget…in the end it’s all about your guests’ experience. From safety to security…every impression, every interaction – they all count!

You might be wondering:

What’s the best way to streamline communication at your property?

For daily operations or during events, you want to ensure you give your team the tools to be successful.

Using incident management mobile apps allows you to save the radio for your high priority conversations.

Here’s a thought…

What do you think is preventing you from achieving peace of mind?

Is it your incident management process? Or, is it the current tools you’re using to bring your incident management plans to life?

We’re confident your incident management process is up to snuff, but your tools might need some attention.

We’re going to show you how incident management mobile apps can help you streamline communication throughout your property.

Are you ready for Proactive Operations?

Communication among departments is a challenge for stadium managers leading up to game day.

Chaos ensues as a result of bad communication. It’s stressful and it’s not even game time, yet. You’re feeling the pressure from your team, other department supervisors and your boss.

We can only imagine how the lack of communication is affecting your budget too. Your marketing team has a habit of overselling their sponsorships. For today’s game, they’ve decided to communicate their sponsorship numbers…this morning. Yes, game day morning.