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This Election Day, Choose 'Yes' for Proactive Operations

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Nov 8, 2016 7:45:00 AM

The fate of the United States of America rests on the results of today’s election.

Whether you vote for Clinton or Trump, things will change.

We’re not sure how the next four years will play out.

Electing the next President is not the only choice U.S. citizens are charged with voting on today either. Across the country, in each state, many other important issues will be voted on.

Here in Florida, laws on assessing Solar are on the ballot today.

But, regardless of your views on our local issues and even who the Presidential selection is, you better be ready for what’s coming.

It’s not our desire to try to persuade you on who or what to vote for today. We’re in a different kind of work.

We’re here to help the world’s greatest properties employ Proactive Operations.

On this Election Day, November 8, 2016, we’re going to show you why you need to vote ‘Yes’ for Proactive Operations.

It’s important because no matter how this year’s election turns out your property needs to maintain the level of professionalism your guests – and boss – expect.

Keep reading; we’re going to share why you should choose Proactive Operations, starting today.

Why Proactive Operations?

When you combine ‘Proactive’ and ‘Operations’ – two separate words – something powerful happens.

A new philosophy, a way of understanding and a means to execute are created that defines what every property must strive for each and every day.

It’s called Proactive Operations.

A methodology we’ve developed to represent those operations that have taken, or plan to take, their operation to the highest level of performance.

Proactive Operations is where operations use strategy, infrastructure, and technology to achieve maximum performance.

Strategy, infrastructure, and technology work together to produce a fluid system of processes, foundation, and modern software that can streamline any property.

But, you must know that achieving Proactive Operations requires a long-term pledge to strive for perfection continuously.

Are you ready to make the commitment?

How the ACDA Principle™ Shapes Your Strategy

We’ve had the first part of this puzzle figured out for a while now. It’s how our software was and still is developed.

We’ve listened to industry professionals over the years. (We’ve taken plenty of notes too.)

But, we noticed that for properties to truly get value from our solutions, we had to contribute on more levels than just technology.

This epiphany led to thought-provoking discussions and deep thinking, which in turn resulted in the creation of the methodology.

All of this, though, started with our acknowledgment of the importance of:

  • Awareness
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Analysis

These are how you shape your strategy. We’ve coined it the ACDA Principle™.

You’ll be on the right track once you understand how vital each of the four aspects to the Principle is to your operation.

Use the ACDA Principle™ to ask difficult questions. It’ll open your eyes to the strengths and weaknesses of your operation.

Regardless of your current state, you’ll learn how to best execute your strategy from this day forward.

Proactive Operations starts here.

  1. What common events, issues, and incidents occur throughout your operation now?
  2. What unique events, problems, and incidents occur throughout your operation now?
  3. What level of awareness does your staff have of what’s happening?
  4. What level of awareness do you have?
  5. On the proactive-reactive spectrum, where does your staff fall?
  6. Do you have enough resources to mitigate and even prevent issues or incidents from affecting your operation’s effectiveness?
  7. Are your resources in the right places?
  8. Are you able to efficiently manage departmental teams?
  9. How does your staff communicate to you and each other?
  10. Do you use cell phones, email, radio, mobile applications?
  11. Does your team execute operational tasks that need to get done regularly and those that occur at random intervals?
  12. If you needed an incident report from five years ago, could you locate it and would it be comprehensive?
  13. What’s your track record for getting lost items back to the correct guests?
  14. What tools do you use to improve your operation's performance?
  15. Do you take information learned about your operation and apply it to make your operation better?

Please don’t use these question only.

Take your operation apart, because then you’ll be able to build your infrastructure with purpose.

An Infrastructure Is the Foundation for Long-Term Effectiveness

Your infrastructure can vary depending on the type of operation.

But, one thing holds true across all industries – you need one.

Your infrastructure will need to include representatives from each department where issues or incidents could affect performance and customer experience.

To create an infrastructure, you must identify how you want information to flow from department to department.

When you’re ready to tackle it, read here to learn how to set up your infrastructure.

Software Is Your Modern-Day Technology

Technology is our favorite part of Proactive Operations.

It’s what we love. It’s what we do every day.

It also changes quickly, which is why we’re always working hard to stay ahead of the game.

Technology has changed substantially over the years.

In the 21st century and modern operational environment, a technology discussion always leads to software.

Now, ‘software’ is your technology, especially if you plan to run a proactive operation.

Let’s take a close look at your awareness for a moment.

How could software help to increase your awareness of potential threats, issues, or incidents?

Increasing your awareness would help you be proactive, right?

When you’re more aware, you’re able to respond to incidents quicker. You’re able to answer to one more incident in less time.

Do you agree?

So then, how do you increase your awareness?

You develop an infrastructure that cultivates the awareness you need. Yes, it’s a great start.

But, you can take this even further using software.

You can maximize your awareness!

Implement solutions that optimize your strategy, infrastructure, and skyrocket your performance to increase awareness.

Here’s what we mean.

Your property has guests, right?

Well, you can drastically increase your awareness – with the help of your guests.

OK, you’re probably wondering how to do this, right?

You accomplish this by using a text communication solution.

It’s one solution to add to your operation that supplements your proactive efforts.

You eliminate the need for your staff to handle everything when you add this technology to your arsenal.

You save time by allowing your guests to get involved.

They’ll have the ability to inconspicuously report issues, incidents, or ask questions, using their cell phone.

They can speak directly to your command center without having to say a word.

Both staff and guests have their eyes open and are on the lookout.

Do you see how proactive this is? You’re saving valuable time while increasing your awareness.

Over to You

We could not have picked a more important day to address the one practice most important to us – Proactive Operations. Our ultimate goal is to help all properties become proactive.

A world filled with world-class properties employing Proactive Operations is worth voting for any day of the week. So, are you going to choose Proactive Operations this Election Day?

Learn how to employ Proactive Operations using strategy, infrastructure & technology.

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