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Proactive Operations Have Gotten so Smart; It’s Easy to Forget the Property Is There

| July 11, 2019 | By

“Algorithms were around for a very long time before the public paid them any notice. The word itself is derived from the name of a 9th-century Persian mathematician, and the notion is simple enough: an algorithm is just any step-by-step procedure for accomplishing some task, from making the morning coffee to performing cardiac surgery,” writes Geoff Nunberg in their recent NPR article entitled “Algorithmic Intelligence Has Gotten So Smart, It's Easy To Forget It's Artificial.”

“Computers use algorithms for pretty much everything they do — adding up a column of figures, resizing a window, saving a file to disk. But all those things usually just happen the way they're supposed to. We don't have to think about what's going on under the hood,” explains Nunberg.

Nunberg continues, “But algorithms got harder to ignore when they started taking over tasks that used to require human judgment — deciding which criminal defendants get bail, winnowing job applications, prioritizing stories in a news feed. All at once, the media are full of disquieting headlines like ‘How to Manage our Algorithmic Overlords’ and ‘Is the Algorithmification of the Human Experience a Good Thing?"

According to the NPR article, “Ordinary muggles may not know exactly how an algorithm works its magic, and a lot of people use the word just as a tech-inflected abracadabra.”

“So it's natural to be wary of our new algorithmic overlords. They've gotten so good at faking intelligent behavior that it's easy to forget that there's really nobody home,” Nunberg remarks later in the piece.

Of course, this got us thinking about the evolution of Proactive Operations.

Remove the Property from the Customer Experience

Nunberg’s remark about artificial algorithms being so good at faking intelligent behavior made an important concept crystal clear to us today.

The aspects that would make you question or pay attention to the algorithms are removed due to their advancement.

And while not directly related in the same context, Proactive Operations play a similar role for properties like yours.

Operations that employ Proactive Operations become so smart at their execution – customers forget the property even exists.

What does that mean?

  • Poor customer service is nonexistence
  • Broken furniture is nowhere to be found
  • Inconsistent, delayed communication is a thing of the past
  • Staff anticipates the needs of customers

The operation is proactive.

The property is there, but it doesn’t affect the experience of the customers and staff.

Hence, it’s easy to forget the property is even there.

Let’s remove the property from your customers’ minds by employing Proactive Operations.

It’ll result in an enhanced customer experience you’ve never experienced before yourself.

Employ the Proactive Operations Methodology

Proactive and Operations are two words you’ve heard before.

Proactive means controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.

Operations relates to the condition of functioning.

Something powerful happens when you combine the two.

A new way of thinking, understanding, and executing is created.

Proactive Operations defines what every property, in every industry, must strive to achieve.

It represents those operations that have taken or plan to take their operation to the highest level of performance.

Strategy, Infrastructure, and Technology are the three pillars of the Proactive Operations methodology that work as a whole to produce and continuously support a world-class operation.

Keep learning about the proven framework here.

Then, let’s figure out how we can get your customers to forget the property is there.

Over to You

Artificial algorithms and Proactive Operations have nothing in common, except for one thing. They both make you forget something is even there.

For Proactive Operations, it’s the fact that your customers can forget your property is even there. And that’s a good thing.

Learn how to employ Proactive Operations using strategy, infrastructure & technology.

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