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How to Use Your CMMS for Other Departments to Boost Efficiency

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Feb 18, 2021 7:00:00 AM

You’re frustrated.

You find something that needs fixing or replacing every time you walk to another department.

“Our ability to keep this property looking good shouldn’t rest only on us,” you tell Chris, your senior engineer.

He shrugs and nods in agreement.

But he doesn’t appear to have a solution or even a thought-provoking response to your statement.

You sit on his desk for a few minutes to think.

“How do we leverage all of the departments and staff to help keep this place up to snuff?” you say aloud.

Chris responds nonchalantly, “maybe we should look into a new CMMS…,” and then continues his paperwork.

You pause to process what he said.

But, before you can respond, Chris chimes back in.

“Our current system is so outdated that we’re still doing everything on paper. How could we expect anyone else to play along and bring us work requests?” he asks.

You know he’s right.

You’ve been using the same system since you started here 14 years ago.

Yes, your team knows the cumbersome system so well.

But it’s halting your efficiency.

The system is forcing your team to manage and file large stacks of documentation.

That’s only the start of your problems.

Your property’s other departments don’t bother submitting work requests because the paperwork takes too long.

It’s not a priority to them unless it personally affects their performance.

Does this sound familiar?

How do you get a CMMS that helps you increase efficiency by leveraging the contribution of all your property’s departments and personnel?

Keep reading; we’ve got the straightforward answer that’ll show you how a software solution can improve your maintenance efficiency forever.


What are the expectations of your departments?

Do they believe that it’s only your facility team’s responsibility to keep the property running smoothly and looking good?

The hard truth is that’s a fair expectation if you’re using an antiquated system to maintain assets.

Most people are not going to take the time to locate a work request form, fill it out, and then trek to your facility maintenance department to hand it in, and then hope it makes a list to be completed.

No one is going to do it.

But, that’s not how it should be or could be.

We’ve been working with the world’s greatest properties for quite some time.

So, we know that one thing that makes a great property is where everyone is on board to employ Proactive Operations.

What does this mean?

  • It means full participation from all departments and personnel.
  • It means everyone has the resources to contribute to the well-being of the property.
  • It also means that you need to provide them with those resources that’ll help increase everyone’s efficiency – theirs and yours.

That’s why you need a maintenance software that helps you achieve all of this.

Your maintenance efforts shouldn’t start and end with your facility team – and it doesn’t have to either!


It’s time for your property to go completely digital.

Notice how we didn’t only mention your maintenance?

It’s because everyone must get involved to achieve being a top-notch property.

But, as you already know, everyone must be empowered too.

How can you achieve this?

You need to give your personnel – across all departments and operational functions – a way to keep the property and assets up to par for customers and their workspace.

How do you do that?

  1. Move to a web-based maintenance software solution that takes your maintenance initiatives online and (actually) paperless for good
  2. Provide your interdepartmental personnel with access to a maintenance web form for efficient submission of work requests

1. Move to a web-based maintenance software solution that takes your maintenance initiatives online and (actually) paperless for good

Now, what you’ve done is removed the headaches of paperwork.

No more lost work orders and stacks of poorly written documentation.

By using a web-based system, your facility team can manage work orders, purchase orders, and preventive maintenance from one solution – and one record.

You’ll no longer need to access ten windows, make a hundred clicks, and print out every work order to hand off to technicians to get maintenance completed.

This improvement alone will skyrocket your facility team’s efficiency.

But you don’t want to stop there!

2. Provide your interdepartmental personnel with access to a maintenance web form for efficient submission of work requests

You want to employ Proactive Operations all the way.

A web form will help you accomplish this.


It empowers all your departments to efficiently submit work requests from their office by filling out an online form.

This capability not only gives your other departments a way to send work requests but also reduces the stress of your facility management team.

Your facility team is notified within the solution once a work request is submitted by staff.

They can vet the work request, contact the employee if they have questions, and immediately create a work order to be placed in the queue for completion.

Would you say everyone is on board now?

Of course!

Now you’ve given staff a way to keep your property looking good for your customers and all employees.

But now you’re probably wondering: “Yeah, this is great but how do I ensure they use the web form?”

It’s simple.

You’ve provided each department with the most efficient means for submitting work requests.

There’s no excuse.

  • Create a policy that holds all personnel accountable for the costs associated with replacing assets within their department. Then, hit them where it hurts – their budget.

You might see an uptick in submissions, but at least now your facility team can determine the priorities of maintaining or replacing assets.

That’s how you boost efficiency.


It’s incredible how technology allows you to make the simplest improvements to your operation that make the most positive long-term impact.

Yes, moving to a world-leading CMMS is time-consuming. But the results are worth the effort.

Once you make the transition, deploying a web form doesn’t take much time but gets all departments and personnel participating in the maintenance of your property.

So, is your property running smoothly and looking good?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in April 2017 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and freshness.

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