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How to Make a Comeback Like the New England Patriots

, | February 7, 2017 | By

“After three-quarters, this game looked for all the world like a rout by the Atlanta Falcons. They were up 28-9. Their quarterback Matt Ryan, who just won the regular season MVP on Saturday night, was playing like an unstoppable Super Bowl MVP, too,” writes Colin Dwyer in his recent NPR article entitled “In A Comeback For The Ages, New England Patriots Win Super Bowl LI.”

But things quickly changed according to Dwyer’s article. “Then, something unbelievable happened: The New England Patriots came back,” he shares.

Dwyer goes on to explain “The heroics of quarterback Tom Brady, the suddenly stiffened spine of the Patriots defense and one catch by Julian Edelman that defied both gravity and belief — by some incalculable logic, they combined to bring New England to a tie that few people would have thought imaginable just 15 minutes before.”

As stated in the NPR article, “They scored 25 unanswered points to send the game into the first overtime in Super Bowl history. And after the Patriots won the coin toss to receive the first possession, their efficient march down the field toward yet another score seemed almost an afterthought.”

In the first ever Super Bowl overtime win, the Patriots won 34-28.

“It was a game that etched Brady's place in football history. If he and his coach, Bill Belichick, were not already considered the best all-time at their respective roles, it certainly won't be difficult to make an argument for that now. Sunday's win marks the pair's fifth Super Bowl win together,” as said by Dwyer.

What an unbelievable comeback.

Better yet, what an incredible lesson for a proactive leader like you on the importance of using a proven methodology, and trusting it and your abilities.

A Super Bowl-Worthy Lesson

It’s tough to deny, no matter who your favorite football team is.

The New England Patriots are a powerhouse in the NFL. Their Super Bowl showings and wins prove it.

But, there’s a single lesson from their Sunday night win we want to cover today.

It’s a lesson that all leaders can take away. The size and type of your property doesn't matter.

Because regardless of how professional your operation is, we all get behind the eight ball at times.

It’s how you bounce back from your challenges and tests that earn your operation the recognition it deserves.

It’s how you become one of the world’s greatest properties.

Now, you’re probably wondering how to make it happen.

Keep reading; we’re going to share why Proactive Operations is the key to any “comeback for the ages.”

Using this methodology, you can face the toughest of challenges, ups & downs, run into roadblocks, experience hardships, but end with the happiness and safety of your guests.

You can make positive memories.

Proactive Operations helps you form a framework for expert execution.

What this means is that regardless of your weak moments, your operation will make its way back to victory – whether it’s 5 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour or a whole day.

You’ll win.

But here’s the thing, how quickly your operational performance makes its way back to the highest level all depends on how well you’ve engrained Proactive Operations into your entire operation.

Sometimes your “opponents” (e.g. adverse weather, high priority incidents, toxic employees, and unhappy guests) get the better of you, and you’re down 28-9 in the third quarter.

Does this sound familiar?

Proactive operations have what it takes to make a comeback.

Ask yourself, are you one of them? Are you a proactive operation?

Proactive Operations Are Winning Operations

Proactive operations don’t fret in the face of a 19 point deficit.

They trust their methodology.

They know that their “opponents” can sometimes slow their operation down. But, they also know their operation will recharge.

Proactive operations will correct the situation and success becomes inevitable.

Some saw the New England Patriots’ comeback as an impossible feat. But, they did it.


They didn’t throw in the towel.

They stuck to their methodology for winning. You can too.

It’s not over until it’s over, and when you have Proactive Operations in place – you win.

Are you ready to learn how you can always make a comeback in your operation?

Let’s make it happen!

Here are the four steps to cementing Proactive Operations into your operations that you need to get started today:

  1. Understand your operation and formulate your Strategy using the ACDA Principle™. Ask the hardest questions to face your weakness and develop your existing and new strengths.
  2. Identify the aspects of your operation from front-of-house to back-of-house that are vital to success, and build your Infrastructure. It guarantees efficient communication amongst your departments.
  3. Boost your efficiency with unified Technology. Skyrocket your operational performance through the use of solutions that cover all bases. Don’t miss a beat when it comes to managing your operation so you can keep your guests happy and safe.
  4. Expect the unexpected and embrace temporary challenges. Use analytics to quickly improve your operation for a comeback your operation wasn’t able to achieve in the past. Then, optimize for future successes to make the need for comebacks less and less each day.

Follow these steps to approach every day with absolute confidence in your operation’s ability to handle anything.

You’re a winner – win!

Over to You

Making a comeback to win Super Bowl LI like the New England Patriots is not easy. Employing Proactive Operations is not either. But, that’s what makes the world’s greatest properties just that – the world’s greatest properties.

They’re willing to invest the time and energy to be the best. They’re ready to ask the hard questions, scrutinize their operation, and strive for success.

Are you? We’d bet you are.

Learn how to make the not-so-giant leap to Proactive Operations

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