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How to Leverage Social Media to Enhance Incident Management

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Feb 9, 2016 7:45:00 AM

illustration of social media icons surrounding a speech bubbleHave you ever experienced the frustration of finding out about an incident that occurred and was never reported?

To make matters worse, you find out when someone files a complaint the next day…or you ‘hear’ from your staff that it was trending on social media.

That’s not a pleasant experience, especially when that incident occurred under your watch. How does this make you feel? Now you’re definitely stressed.

The bad news is incidents occur at times when your team’s attention is elsewhere. The result, you’re blindsided by the aftermath of something that was never actually reported.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be like this. You can increase your operational awareness.

Your ability to effectively, efficiently, and expeditiously respond to incidents doesn’t have to be left to only a few people in your operation.

You can leverage social media to optimize your entire incident management process – on a massive scale.

Think about it. Your guests are ‘talking’. They’re posting, tweeting, retweeting, and sharing about what’s happening at the latest event they’re attending. Why wouldn’t you ‘listen’?

You can use social media to monitor real-time messages in order to identify potential hazards, issues, and incidents that can affect the well-being of everyone at your property.

In order to help you understand how to utilize social media to enhance your incident management, we created a presentation. It’ll explain the value of using social media to identify incidents and your incident management system to manage, track, and respond.

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