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Have you ever experienced the frustration of finding out about an incident that occurred and was never reported?

To make matters worse, you find out when someone files a complaint the next day…or you ‘hear’ from your staff that it was trending on social media.

That’s not a pleasant experience, especially when that incident occurred under your watch. How does this make you feel? Now you’re definitely stressed.

The bad news is incidents occur at times when your team’s attention is elsewhere. The result, you’re blindsided by the aftermath of something that was never actually reported.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be like this. You can increase your operational awareness.

Your ability to effectively, efficiently, and expeditiously respond to incidents doesn’t have to be left to only a few people in your operation.

You can leverage social media to optimize your entire incident management process – on a massive scale.

Social media is a powerful tool.

Venue managers can use it to engage their fans and stir up some hype during important events.

But, what happens when someone complains?

You might have broken cup holders throughout your venue…and the only way for guests to report this issue to your staff is through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

Is that the type of branding you want? Is that how you’d like the world to see your venue?

Mind you, that’s only a few cup holders…


We understand the culture of connectivity venue managers and, in some cases, team owners strive to employ.

But the new trend of believing it’s OK to utilize social media as the channel for this type of communication just isn’t efficient – or logical.

When fans take being ‘laser focused’ on a game too far, we’re sure it becomes quite frustrating.

Your incident management process is probably up to speed like the Detroit Lions, but sometimes those sly fans slip through the cracks – regardless of how many solutions you have in place.

Troublemakers are sneaky, they make everyone nuts BUT the good news is they like to brag about it on social media!

Other fans become frustrated, players’ performance can be affected and security officials start looking for a needle in the haystack.

We want to avoid this and at least catch the people that go undetected. Take the recent NFL game between the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills.