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The sun is shining, the weather is sweet.

You finished walking the pitch with your director of security. “It could not be a more beautiful day,” he says.

You agree.

He also knows today is a big match and seems laser-focused on starting and ending today’s matchup without a hitch.

It makes you feel relieved. You trust Billy’s leadership abilities.

A nearby city’s team and your home team’s rival is the visiting team. This means you will have a packed house. It is a sold out event, and you do not expect any no-shows today.

You are confident. Your walkthrough was successful, and your integral departments seem well-prepared for the event.

After returning to the command center, you receive a call on your radio. It is your head of guest services, Jerry, “It is 4:45; we are opening the turnstiles,” he shouts over the noise of the crowd.

You take a deep breath to relax and prepare for the next few hours, “Copy,” you reply.

It is game time.

Hyped fans flood through the gates into the stadium. Some fans head to their seats and others fill up the concession lines.

Without delay, the chanting begins.

You smile from the rush of energy exuberated throughout the stadium bowl.

“What a game this is going to be,” you whisper.

However, things start to change quickly.