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The fate of the United States of America rests on the results of today’s election.

Whether you vote for Clinton or Trump, things will change.

We’re not sure how the next four years will play out.

Electing the next President is not the only choice U.S. citizens are charged with voting on today either. Across the country, in each state, many other important issues will be voted on.

Here in Florida, laws on assessing Solar are on the ballot today.

But, regardless of your views on our local issues and even who the Presidential selection is, you better be ready for what’s coming.

It’s not our desire to try to persuade you on who or what to vote for today. We’re in a different kind of work.

We’re here to help the world’s greatest properties employ Proactive Operations.

On this Election Day, November 8, 2016, we’re going to show you why you need to vote ‘Yes’ for Proactive Operations.

It’s important because no matter how this year’s election turns out your property needs to maintain the level of professionalism your guests – and boss – expect.